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Company's innovative furniture designs have people demanding more: 'We hope to keep inspiring more and more people'

The company has turned nearly 133,000 pounds of plastic waste into valuable items since March 2022.

The company has turned nearly 133,000 pounds of plastic waste into valuable items since March 2022.

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Indonesian company ëCollabo8 is helping our oceans by giving plastic trash a second life, and its innovative designs have been catching the eyes of major brands and social media users.  

The company, which was founded in 2019 and is based in Bali, says on its website that it is aiming to be a "transformative force in plastic recycling" by pushing the boundaries beyond traditional solutions.

In December, ëCollabo8 posted on Instagram to showcase some of the projects it completed over the course of the year, including custom weight sets, lounge chairs, tables, and bathroom tile. The modern, elegant, and unique products demonstrate what can be done when people come together with ingenuity and purpose.  

Plastic pollution is a significant global problem, with more than 5 trillion pieces of trash floating just in our oceans. This negatively impacts marine life, the balance of the ecosystem, the people who depend on the oceans to generate income, and public health

Thankfully, many technologies and organizations have emerged to tackle the cleanup issue, but once that plastic is removed, something has to be done with it. 

According to the ëCollabo8, it has turned nearly 133,000 pounds of plastic waste into valuable items since March 2022, and it is able to recycle more than 1,000 pounds of plastic each day. 

In part, this is made possible by the company's solutions, including extrusion press technology. This method is used to manufacture deck planks that have a 100-year lifespan and are "more cost-effective than wood."  

Molds made from aluminum — an infinitely recyclable material — can form items like pocket mirrors, hair combs, coasters, and sunglasses, while countertops and furniture pedestals are created using sheet press technology. Flow molding helps produce wood-like planks for outdoor use that are resistant to ultraviolet rays and don't require maintenance. 

Notable brands ëCollabo8 has worked with include The Body Shop, Under Armour, Havaianas, Procter & Gamble, and multiple 5-star hotels. 

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The company is also accepting franchising partners as it looks to make a positive impact on local communities and the environment, and while it mostly operates in a business-to-business capacity, it says it is "open for retailers who want to do partnerships with us."

"We hope to keep inspiring more and more people about the value of trash," ëCollabo8 wrote in its winter post. 

"This is so sick," one person said after viewing the gorgeous results. 

"I'm obsessed with your work!!!" another wrote.  

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