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These mattresses are made from tree sap — and they last way longer than regular mattresses

The sap is harvested without cutting down the tree, so the same trees can keep producing rubber forever.

Sustainable mattresses by Earthfoam

Photo Credit: Earthfoam

If you're looking for a bed produced with 100% natural materials, Earthfoam in Chicago has exactly what you need: a mattress made completely from rubber tree sap.

Before the widespread use of synthetic rubber, natural rubber made from sap was the material of choice when a product called for a springy, elastic part. 

Synthetic materials eventually became cheaper to make, so the manufacturing industry switched over to these man-made alternatives. This included mattresses, which had previously used natural rubber in many cases.

Today, most beds use either metal springs, synthetic memory foam, or a combination of the two to achieve the right balance of flexibility and support. 

However, spring mattresses tend to be less comfortable and have a shorter lifespan than memory foam, while foam's plastic materials often trap moisture and irritate the skin instead of being breathable. 

Creating synthetic materials and mining metal also adds to pollution. But Earthfoam is changing all of that.

The Earthfoam mattress uses 100% rubber tree sap for its main body, according to KC Morgan of Inhabit.com. This natural material is soft but supportive, and the company claims it will last much longer than a standard mattress. 

The sap is harvested without cutting down the tree, so the same trees can keep producing rubber forever without hurting the environment. And at the end of the mattress's useful life, the material breaks down naturally instead of sticking around like synthetic rubber. 

The Earthfoam mattress also includes a two-inch-thick topper made of natural wool and cotton — breathable materials that are gentle on skin and environmentally friendly.

Earthfoam's innovative mattresses are already available in a full range of sizes including twin, twin extra large, full, queen, king, and California king. They also offer a range of pillows with different levels of firmness. 

If you're in the market for a new bed, consider giving this organic, all-natural option a try.

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