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DOE announces major development that will change how we heat our homes: ‘Keeping families warm during the coldest months’

“Developing next-generation technologies like heat pumps is critical to the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts.”

"Developing next-generation technologies like heat pumps is critical to the Biden-Harris administration's efforts."

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The Department of Energy announced that four companies have developed more planet-friendly heat pump designs. 

UPI News, via MSN, reports that Bosch, Daikin, Johnson Controls, and Midea are all participating in the DoE’s Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge, which is designed to reduce carbon pollution and give households up to $500 per year. Carrier, Lennox International, Rheem, and Trane Technologies were already developing similar products.

The move toward heat pumps will drastically reduce pollution from buildings as they heat interiors for human comfort, as the new models of heat pumps can maintain 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees Fahrenheit without using auxiliary heat. 

Heat pumps are three to four times as energy efficient as gas furnaces, according to The Conversation. Heat pumps warm buildings by drawing heat from outdoors and moving it inside, like a reverse refrigerator, which is far better for the environment than dirty heating sources like furnaces. 

States like Washington, Maine, and New York are all encouraging heat pump adoption through a variety of policies.

“Developing next-generation technologies like heat pumps is critical to the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to ensure that Americans have access to more affordable clean heating and cooling options — no matter where they live,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

“By supporting industry advancements, DOE’s Cold-Climate Heat Pump Challenge is helping get cost-effective clean energy technology into homes across America — keeping families warm during the coldest months and saving them money.”

Users discussed their experience with heat pumps in the MSN comments. 

“Here in AZ, variable speed heat pumps are great. Never too cold to need to worry about them failing and they provide all the cooling needed in summer. Have 2 of them on our primary home. Powered by a 12 kw solar panel systems that also powers the rest of the home and a Tesla EV (330 mile range every morning). Great to be energy independent and not support the corrupt utility monopolies,” one user wrote. 

“When we eliminate the need for excessive heating by weatherizing our homes properly, then we really can be quite comfortable with a tiny amount of heat from our efficient heat pumps. As the article says, NO resistance heat is required when we invest in these upgraded units,” another user said.

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