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Startup builds first-of-its-kind '74 Ford Bronco EV with used Tesla parts: 'It goes to show what the capabilities are'

"In all seriousness, someone will want this."

"In all seriousness, someone will want this."

Photo Credit: Arc Motor Company

A Canadian startup has developed a method of converting classic cars into electric vehicles — and showed off its capabilities by transforming a 1974 Ford Bronco into an EV.

Sloane Paul founded the Arc Motor Company, which will convert a classic vehicle into a zero-pollution ride for $75,000, according to Electrek.

"When you electrify a car, you're not only just making a better driving machine and more enjoyable and reducing the tailpipe emissions, but you're also reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill," Paul said.

The company uses parts from scrapped Teslas in the electrification process. COO and engineer Tom Chep sources used Tesla Model S batteries from a wrecker and makes his own battery out of them.

He was able to make the Bronco hit around 199 miles of range — not quite as high as vehicles that were originally designed to be electric, but still decent for going around town.

Plus, the Bronco's dual electric motors ended up doubling both the torque and the horsepower of the original gas-guzzling version. "It goes to show what the capabilities are," Chep said, adding that it "packs plenty of punch."

The electrification process takes between two and three months, and though the $75,000 price tag is incredibly steep, the company hopes that the cost will decrease as parts become less expensive.

Beyond the obvious reduction in tailpipe pollution, the electrification process is also good for the environment, because, as Paul explains, "you're also reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill."

The classic-car electrification process is just one of many recent developments that are making the world of EVs even more sustainable. Other exciting breakthroughs include the increased recycling of lithium-ion battery waste, robotic electric motorcycles, and solar charging.

Users expressed mixed feelings about the classic-car electrification process in the comment section. 

"Unfortunately, as most solutions converting older vehicles to EV, it's just very low volume operation and only few people could afford it in the first place," one user noted

"In all seriousness someone will want this," another user said. "Great job!"

"There are so many shops that do this that it's already an established segment," a third user observed. "I'd argue that there are more shops than customers willing to spend the price of a new EV to electrify their old/classic car.

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