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Bus company upsets passenger with preposterous refreshment offering: 'The problem is that it exists in the first place'

"I suggest writing a letter."

Bus service's wasteful single-use cups

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Unnecessary plastic waste can be infuriating. But one bus service took it to another level. One Redditor recently showed off the single-use plastic handed to them on a bus ride that is somehow 10 times worse than a plastic water bottle

The Redditor shared the infuriating plastic in the r/Anticonsumption subreddit.  "When you don't want to take a plane, and in the bus they give you this," the post read.

Single-use plastic water cup
Photo Credit: u/Sheetmusicman94 / Reddit

Accompanying the post were two pictures of a mini-sized plastic container of spring water. The container, unlike the water bottles we are all familiar with, is more like a pudding cup, making sure the item can't be reused in any form. 

Plastic is a huge problem. In 2016, 267 million tons of plastic waste were produced. In 2021, the U.S. only recycled about 5-6% of its plastic waste, according to a Greenpeace report. And when plastic bottles inevitably end up in landfills, in our waterways, and across our land, it can take 450 years for them to break down.

Ideally, travelers would have access to refill stations for reusable water bottles. But at least with traditional plastic bottles, they can be reused or repurposed for other uses. 

On top of that, the Redditor pointed out they were trying to avoid flying. While it may not seem logical, driving can actually be a more eco-friendly way of travel if it's an option. Domestic flights produce around 2.5 times more toxic gas than taking a bus to the same location. 

Commenters expressed their frustration with the situation. 

"That happened to me on several occasions, and I hate it when it happens," one person wrote. "Water station refills would be a better idea, since it would cut out a lot of plastic waste."

Another asked why the Redditor couldn't just decline the single-use plastic or simply give it back. While the original poster didn't reply, another commenter cleared it up. 

"I understand why you suggested this, but the problem is that it exists in the first place," they explained. "Even if they don't take it, someone else will, and that's still the same amount of waste."

And another suggested the poster take action, letting the bus company know that the waste is unwanted. 

"I suggest writing a letter and/or submitting a review," they suggested. "The more people who let it be known we don't appreciate waste being foisted on us, the more likely to cause positive change."

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