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Viral video shows Tesla give $4 million sports car a run for its money: 'Epic price difference for similar performance'

"Holy crap … "

“Holy crap … ”

Photo Credit: @teslaownersSV / X

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is probably at the top of most car lovers' list of fantasy vehicles. You'll need nearly $4 million to get your hands on one of the 2022 models — if you can find one of these rare cars for that price — and a 2023 model would likely cost much more

Over at the Carwow YouTube channel, presenter Mat Watson was lucky enough to find himself behind the wheel of one. He noted that it is pretty much the same as the fastest production car in the world, the Bugatti Super Sport 300+, which topped out at close to 305 miles per hour.

However, this model is limited to 273 miles per hour, according to Watson, which is still impressive.

To prove the Chiron Super Sport's performance, Watson put it up against a Tesla S Plaid Track Pack in a quarter-mile race. It's safe to say he wasn't expecting it to be such a close run. 

The 8.0-liter dirty fuel–powered Bugatti slouched off the line against the zero-emissions Tesla, with the latter taking an early lead. 

Yianni Charalambous, driving the Tesla, could not quite believe the electric vehicle's start, leaving the Bugatti in its dust. 

But the Bugatti just caught the Tesla as it reached the quarter-mile marker, although both still managed to do so in 9.6 seconds, with the former just fractionally ahead by the finish line. 

Not only did the Tesla perform admirably across the quarter-mile, but it also kept up with the Bugatti in a half-mile rolling drag race starting at 50 miles per hour, and the EV far outshined the fuel-loaded model in braking capability from 100 miles per hour.

"Holy crap … " said one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, commenting on the video, observing the Model S Plaid comes in significantly cheaper than its polluting opponent.

In the Carwow video (not its caption), Watson said the Bugatti is £4 million with taxes, which would be close to $5 million — but prices vary. Charalambous noted that the Track Pack version of the Model S Plaid comes in at around £135,000, which is about $164,000, but you can get the standard version of a Plaid from around $90,000, according to Electrek.

"Epic price difference for similar performance," another X user commented.

It looks like a bit of a victory for the Tesla, which held its own against one of the most expensive and fastest cars on the planet.

That it was able to do so while running purely on electricity is a notable achievement, too. 

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