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World-renowned jeweler releases first-of-its-kind jewelry cases: 'A bold step toward the future'

"A jewel box is as emblematic as it is thanks to proposal culture."

"A jewel box is as emblematic as it is thanks to proposal culture."

Photo Credit: Boucheron

French luxury brand Boucheron has rolled out its reimagined jewelry cases, revealing an understated and elegant design that may make customers hesitate to part with their packaging.

In June, Vogue detailed how the high-end jewelry and watch house rethought and streamlined its cases to create a more environmentally friendly shopping experience. 

According to the brand's website, the project got underway in 2021 after CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne told her teams they had "complete creative freedom." The result is a collection of seven sparkling cases that all utilize only two materials: aluminum and wool felt. 

Unlike the previous designs, which used 11 non-recyclable materials, the cases are recyclable, with Vogue noting that all felt is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. 

The fashion outlet highlights how aluminum and wool felt are not just recyclable but infinitely recyclable, giving the jeweler a clear path toward end-of-life use for unwanted cases. However, consumers might opt to reuse the cases as decorative items in their homes. 

Vogue reports that creative director Claire Choisne repurposes the containers as vases, highlighting how our everyday choices can contribute to a world less marred by material waste — whether we reuse packaging from luxury brands or everyday items like milk jugs.   

The lightweight design of Boucheron's cases also means less energy is required during shipments, meaning this adjustment can contribute to lower levels of health-harming air pollution in our atmosphere. 

A nonpartisan analysis released by the United States Congressional Budget Office notes that cargo weight is one of the factors directly linked to the amount of pollution generated by freight transportation. (While not mentioned in the report, the increased adoption of electric semis and the infrastructure to support them are among the other actions that can eliminate pollution from the sector.) 

Other eco-friendly initiatives and practices stated by Boucheron in its impact report include obtaining 90-95% of its gold from recycled sources, with the rest coming from artisanal mines maintaining "strict ethical and environmental standards." Its education fund also aims to support 50,000 children in mining communities by the end of the decade. 

According to Vogue, the brand has been a leading jeweler in the sustainability sphere, so the development of its cases is unsurprising. 

"In an industry where a jewel box is as emblematic as it is thanks to proposal culture, Boucheron's new cases represent a bold step toward the future and a clarion call for change," Jesslyn Lye wrote for the magazine. 

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