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BMW sparks divisive reaction with rollout of its all-new luxury vehicle: 'Previous [model] looks better'

CEO Oliver Zipse said the new model will give BMW a "unique selling point."

BMW luxury EV, BMW all-electric 5 series

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The wait is over. BMW has finally announced the rollout of an all-electric version of the 5 Series, its popular midsize sedan. The electric i5 recently started official production.

The i5 comes after six years of product testing. It will have all of BMW's updated technology and software, including its OS 8.5. The vehicle will maintain BMW's signature "sporty" business look that has defined the brand. BMW promises "best-in-class technology and dynamic performance" from the new model.

The 5 series is BMW's second most popular vehicle after the 3 Series. The main difference between the two is the size — the 5 is slightly larger. 

With the popularity of EVs on the rise, luxury vehicle makers have been testing the waters. The days of an EV being considered weak or unattractive are long over, thanks in part to electric luxury manufacturers like Tesla

The luxury car buyer is becoming more interested in electric vehicles, especially with promises of high performance. In the past, EVs have struggled to prove they can keep up with combustion engines.

BMW, like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, is riding the EV wave. By 2030, EVs are expected to make up 60% of the luxury vehicle market. BMW's executives are hoping their i5 will be a welcome addition.

BMW officials are excited about the i5 launch, with CEO Oliver Zipse saying it will give BMW a "unique selling point." The automaker expects EV production to increase by over 40% in the next year. 

Customers will have to drop over $66,000 to drive the new i5. The price point is not accessible to all but is reasonable compared to the prices of other similar models.

The BMW i5 will offer drivers looking to make the EV switch another stylish choice. While transitioning all fossil-fuel-based cars to electric cars will not solve global warming, providing consumers with more options may entice some to make the switch.

There are mixed reactions among car enthusiasts. While there are some drivers excited for the 5 Series to have an electric option, others criticized the design. 

Some argue that the "previous [model] looks better," and even more are questioning the inclusion of the grille on the front of the vehicle. As one commenter wrote: "The proportions of the smaller BMW front hood look silly in person. I think its fine to have the same traditional shape, just use that space properly."

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