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Here on Earth November 16: Good climate news to celebrate

EV batteries are charging faster, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is being cleaned up, and kids are going to school in "bike buses."

EV batteries are charging faster, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is being cleaned up, and kids are going to school in “bike buses."

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Progress in protecting our planet is being made everywhere, from central Pennsylvania, to the upper Midwest, and even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Companies, governments, and people here on Earth are constantly working toward — and succeeding in — creating a cooler future for us all.

Here are three huge wins to celebrate:


Researchers have designed a super-fast charging electric vehicle battery

EV car,super-fast charging electric vehicle battery

Scientists at Penn State University have managed to create an electric vehicle battery that can charge in just 10 minutes. In addition to being able to charge super quickly, the batteries also hold a great deal more energy than older designs. This means that owners of new electric vehicles could drive way farther without needing to charge, all while producing less harmful carbon pollution. The breakthrough research was supported by a Pennsylvania-based startup, as well as several government agencies.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is being cleaned up faster than ever

ocean cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is an organization dedicated to cleaning trash from our oceans and eliminating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And on Oct. 24, the group had its biggest haul yet, taking in about 24,000 pounds of debris and waste in one go. The Ocean Cleanup is developing increasingly ambitious strategies to clean up the pile of marine trash, with a stated goal of eliminating 90% of the floating plastic in the ocean by 2040.


Bike buses are becoming a cool and sustainable trend

bike buses, Kids biking

Instead of taking school buses that produce unhealthy air pollution, some students across America are choosing to travel to school via "bike buses." These bike buses — groups of students biking to school, alongside some parents — have quickly grown in popularity, as reported by Today. Not only do bike buses give kids an outlet for exercise, they also reduce traffic and vehicle pollution. Some school systems, such as the Minneapolis Public Schools, have even partnered with local organizations to put together bike buses.

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