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Startup aims to ease worry of costly EV repairs with new warranty program: 'We are actively adding repair service providers'

Ensuring that EVs like Teslas stay on the road as long as possible is good for consumers and the planet.

Ensuring that EVs like Teslas stay on the road as long as possible is good for consumers and the planet.

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Electrek notes that although "EVs require less maintenance than gas cars… they're not infallible" — which is why Amber is launching AmberCare, a new warranty program for old EVs.

AmberCare specifically targets older Teslas, including models S, Y, X, and 3. After Teslas exit their four-year and eight-year warranties, AmberCare will keep the EVs protected in case some of their core components, like the drive unit or the high-voltage battery, require repairs or replacement.

To use AmberCare, customers simply bring their vehicle to an Authorized Repair Facility, which will generate a quote for whatever repairs are necessary. The driver can then take that quote to AmberCare online, and AmberCare will pay for the repairs.

AmberCare offers three coverage tiers that range in price from $40 a month to $120 a month.

"Today, customers can take their vehicle to any of the 190+ Tesla Service Centers in the US or a growing network of independent EV-specialist repair shops that Amber has vetted for service capability and quality," Amber CEO Joe Pak told Electrek. "For example, in Florida, an AmberCare customer can take their vehicle to one of the 14 Tesla Service Centers, a Tesla Service Center in a neighboring state, or to Tesla and EV repair specialist Electrified Garage in Ocala, Florida. We are actively adding repair service providers to the Amber Authorized Repair Facility network, particularly as more shops invest in training and equipment to service EVs."

Ensuring that EVs like Teslas stay on the road as long as possible is good for consumers and the planet, as maximizing the lifespan of any vehicle means that fewer new cars need to be produced, thus saving money for would-be purchasers and resources for the Earth. 

EVs also have a much smaller carbon footprint than their gas-guzzling rivals, so keeping electric vehicles like Teslas intact for as long as possible means less dirty energy being used to fuel our commutes.

AmberCare's inception only further enhances Teslas' durability. A recent video showed a Tesla's ability to stay cool in the face of extreme heat, and a study suggested that cold climates may give Tesla batteries increased longevity. For more information on purchasing an EV, visit TCD's EV guide.

"Great idea. Expensive components like the inverters are more of a worry than the battery," one commenter wrote.

"Insurance is always a hedge," another user noted. "The people who buy insurance are hedging against that one-time catastrophic failure. It's true that most people are better off saving that extra money, but some people can't get past the fear of the unknown and want some sort of certainty."

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