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Instagrammer shares tour of Amazon's new, high-tech electric delivery vans: 'Looks like the future'

"I've already seen one in my friends neighborhood — it's so cool."

Amazon's new, high-tech electric delivery vans

Amazon is rolling out a new fleet of all-electric delivery vehicles to help reduce the corporation's carbon footprint. And now, a viral video from Instagram user Forrest Jones, also known as @forrest.auto.reviews.official, is exploring the high-tech design.

Jones' video currently has over 15,000 likes, and a version reposted on the popular account WorldStar has over 200,000 likes.

Jones explains that since the trucks are powered by the EV company Rivian, they're 100% electric.

"Amazon wanted it to look as friendly as possible, which it does, but my favorite part is the little smile in the headlights," he adds. 

The truck features a built-in seat for trainees, a heated windshield, a digital driving display, wireless phone chargers, and an elevated chair to reduce strain on the hips. But don't expect to hear the classic beeping sounds when a driver's backing up. 

"Instead of the loud beeping, this plays white noise whenever it reverses," Jones explains.

The exterior of the truck prioritizes visibility, using a bright blue design on the back and giant LED tail lights that circle around most of the truck's rear.

The design also employs the company's signature Prime blue color on details like seat belts, seat cushions, and grab handles. The seats, massive windshield, and steering wheel are all heated for comfort in cooler climates.

The truck features a door to the package storage space in the back that automatically opens when the truck is placed in park, increasing efficiency for the driver. 

Some users were impressed by the truck; however, others used the opportunity to express disapproval of Amazon's questionable labor practices.

"I've already seen one in my friends neighborhood it's so cool," one user commented.

"Looks like the future Foodtruck🙂," another added.

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