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AAA offers a game-changing service for drivers with electric vehicles: 'I would like to see this expand more'

EVs have smaller carbon footprints than vehicles with combustion engines.

AAA is offering a new game-changing service for drivers with electric vehicles

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Demand for electric vehicles is at an all-time high as drivers are recognizing the benefits for their wallets and the environment. 

To answer this demand, in 2023 AAA partnered with Blink Charging, a designer and manufacturer of EV charging stations, to provide more charging options for AAA members.

Of the company's many services, its roadside assistance is perhaps the most well-known. AAA members can request towing, tire changes, winching, and a variety of other roadside services from local providers contracted by AAA. 

Under this partnership, Blink Charging is supplying these providers and AAA branch offices with EV charging stations. The partnership applies to 60,000 locations across the country. 

AAA has already been working to expand its offerings to EV drivers. In December 2022, the group announced that trucks in 15 cities would be equipped with mobile EV charging stations to give drivers the boost they needed to reach the nearest charging station.

The Blink partnership is a win-win. AAA can provide better assistance to EV drivers, and EV owners concerned about their vehicle running out of charge on the road can feel assured that the nearest charging station is never far away. 

One of the most common reasons people don't buy EVs is because they experience "range anxiety" — the fear of running out of charge. As charging stations become more widespread, drivers can put that worry to rest and make the switch. 

Even taking into account the electricity used for charging, EVs create less planet-overheating carbon pollution than vehicles with combustion engines. More EV drivers means less harmful pollution in our atmosphere.

Regarding the partnership, Michael Battaglia, Blink's chief revenue officer, said in a statement: "As EVs become increasingly commonplace, there is a growing demand for charging services with roadside assistance. Teaming up with AAA presents a great solution."

Drivers were excited to hear about AAA's new offerings for EVs and hoped the program would become widespread. 

"This is great," one person commented on Electrek's article reporting the news. "I would like to see this expand more."

"Trucks with mobile chargers are a great idea," another added. "We need those trucks in rural areas where there aren't many chargers."

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