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This online thrift store sells high-quality clothes for $7 or less — and some items are over 90% off the list price

If you think $7 is a cheap price for your newest clothing, then you'll be in awe of 777 Thrift's "Free Order" sweepstakes.

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There's an incredible online thrift store that has deals worth talking about. The site, 777 Thrift, has thousands of items … and they're all for under $7.

What is 777 Thrift?

This online thrift is a secondhand store selling pre-loved women's and kids' apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. 777 Thrift is powered by thredUP, one of the largest online thrift stores in the world. 

What sets this site apart is its commitment to maintaining a price cap of $7 per item. 777 Thrift has more than a thousand new arrivals added to the site daily –– and everything is up to 90% off its estimated retail price.

Why is it important?

Thrifting is good for consumers' wallets as it often means goods come at a discount –– and it is a great asset in the fight for a more sustainable future.

When shoppers choose to shop secondhand instead of purchasing brand-new goods, it keeps items out of landfills. It also helps to lessen demand for new manufacturing and production and reduces carbon pollution, as well as energy and water consumption. 

777 Thrift is particularly important because of the accessibility that comes along with its price point.

"777 Thrift is meant to appeal to deep-discount shoppers and also makes sustainable fashion – which is often conflated with high prices – more accessible to those who care about their impact on the planet," James Reinhart, CEO of thredUP told The Cool Down. "Buying and wearing secondhand clothing instead of new reduces carbon pollution by an average of 25%. And 777Thrift aims to make shopping sustainably attainable for everyone, including the most price-conscious shoppers."

Why should you care about 777 Thrift?

The platform has high standards for quality control, ensuring that all items show no signs of wear, damage, or alterations. This means you can rest assured that the items you receive will be ready to wear when they reach your doorstep.

If you think $7 is a cheap price for your newest clothing, you'll be in awe of 777 Thrift's "Free Order" sweepstakes. When you place an order, you're automatically entered to become the winner of the day and receive your full order for free. 

777 Thrift may just be the perfect place to get your next outfit at a great cost (or even for free).

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