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Home cook shares unexpected use for boiled-egg water that can deliver incredible garden benefits: 'This is my favorite tip in the world'

"Thanks for sharing!"

"Thanks for sharing!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

After you boil eggs, you probably dump the leftover water down the drain without a second thought.

But one influencer's tip has people saving that nutrient-rich water for another purpose: watering their plants. Keep reading to learn the agriculture-boosting benefits.

The scoop

In a TikTok video, wellness influencer Shayna Terese Taylor (@shaynateresetaylor) shares a clever hack for using leftover water after boiling eggs.

@shaynateresetaylor For all my followers with a green thumb or looking to get into gardening here is an amazing little tip for you! Next time you boil your eggs, make sure to keep the water! The nutrients in eggs shells when boiled release into the water and are amazing for your plants and will make their soil happy! As an added bonus you can keep the egg shells to compost or wash, dry, and blend them into powder to add into your own smoothies or even more nutrients into your soil! #gardening #gardening101 #garden #italy๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น #sustainability #sustainableliving #foryoupage #fyp #trending โ™ฌ Bach unaccompanied cello suite "Prelude" - Jianteng

"Little tip for those who love a boiled egg: Save your water in your pot from boiling the eggs, because this is amazing, nutrient-dense water for your plants," Taylor says, demonstrating in her own kitchen. "So once it cools, just give it to your plants, and they'll love you."

How it's helping

This simple hack helps you get more use out of water you'd normally just pour down the drain. That's a win for both your water bill and the environment.

By repurposing water, even in small quantities, you're reducing your household's overall water usage and saving money. Plus, the water left after boiling eggs is chock-full of nutrients that your plants will love.ย 

Eggshells are made mostly of calcium carbonate, which slowly dissolves in boiling water. Calcium helps plants build strong cell walls and boosts their overall growth.

When you use nutrient-dense water on your houseplants instead of just tap water, you're giving them vitamins and minerals to help them thrive. Healthier houseplants can create better indoor air quality, too. It's a win-win all around.

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What people are saying

Plant parents on TikTok are loving this eco-friendly hack. Viewers chimed in with a wave of supportive comments:

"Thanks for sharing! same practice i do when i wash my rice before cooking. Plants become healthier!"

"Not just the water, the egg shells are 96% calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Very good for plants"

"This is my favorite tip in the world"

So, the next time you're boiling eggs, don't toss that valuable water. Do more with it. Save it, let it cool, and treat your plants to a nutrient-rich drink. They'll thank you, and so will the planet. Small actions like this can add up to make a real difference.

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