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Jaw-dropping video shows tourists endangering children at Yellowstone National Park: 'What are they doing?'

"They never learn."

"They never learn."

Photo Credit: TikTok

"What are they doing?" is the astonished comment from someone watching a group of tourists walk straight into a herd of bison.

Footage of the incident was captured at Yellowstone National Park and uploaded to TikTok by user _rodashian (@_rodashian), and it's yet another example of visitors ignoring the rules and putting themselves — and the local animals — in danger. 

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Yellowstone asks visitors to stay at least 25 yards away from the bison at all times, but this huge group of people willfully walk right into the middle of the grazing bovines. 

"There's like a bunch of kids, too," says the incredulous onlooker, wondering how the tourists could be so thoughtless when children were present. 

Bison have caused more injuries to humans than any other animal at Yellowstone, according to the park's website, and this group seems intent on adding further numbers to that troubling statistic. 

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As Yellowstone detailed, approaching bison threatens them, and they may respond by charging. And being struck by a six-foot, 2,000-pound animal is not going to end well. 

Should a bison attack, it's likely the animal will be euthanized, as they would be considered a danger to other park visitors. 

"They never learn," one TikToker said in a comment. 

"Bison Herd vs Touron Herd! My money is on the bison," added another.

Most people visit Yellowstone to experience the stunning natural beauty and to be close to some of the park's incredible wildlife, with elks, bears, and wolves also calling the park home.

But actions like this have the potential to ruin things for those who truly appreciate nature and want to give animals the respect they deserve in their natural habitat. If bison attacks become more frequent, it's possible the park could simply revoke visitor access. 

Fortunately, it appears no one in this group was harmed, but the story could have been very different. 

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