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Homeowner shares side-by-side photo comparing neighbors' lawns: 'I know which house I'd rather live in'

The comparison between the twin houses' lawns brought out some similar sentiments in the comment section.

Lawnless front yard, Twin houses

Photo Credit: u/JoyfulExmo / Reddit

When new houses are built in your neighborhood, it's likely to lead to some concern in the community about how they will fit in with the general aesthetic of the area. 

And when a pair of near-identical houses are built side-by-side, it's perhaps disappointing when one doesn't seem to make the same effort to maintain their front lawn as the other.

One Redditor posted a picture of such an occurrence in the case of twin houses. One is fronted by a patch of dry, yellow lawn, and the other boasts significant curb appeal with a garden that looks lush and green. 

Twin houses
Photo Credit: u/JoyfulExmo / Reddit

"[The] house on the right chose a lawnless front yard and it's lovely even in the hottest stage of summer," the Redditor wrote in the caption. "I know which house I'd rather live in."

The comparison between the twin houses' lawns brought out some similar sentiments in the comment section, and the benefits of the more attractive patch were also explained. 

"Lots of plantings require little to no extra water to stay green in the bad heat spells," one Redditor said. "Especially trees and shrubs once established."

"I think it's a common misconception that a lawn-less yard has to be more expensive and more maintenance than a yard with a lawn," another added. "If you're choosing your plantings right, they should require little to no maintenance once they're established."

So perhaps the tale that maintaining a thriving garden is more costly than lawn care is a myth. The results are more pleasing to the eye, too.

In addition to looking gorgeous, planting bushes, shrubs, and other plants in your garden can bring a number of benefits.

Plant variety encourages biodiversity, bringing birds and pollinators to your green space. Meanwhile, soil and trees can provide a habitat for a number of insects, which can prey on garden pests like aphids. 

A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health, summarized by the Harvard Health Letter, found gardening helps to reduce stress and increase physical activity. 

So not only has this gardener got the respect of the neighborhood for their stunning front lawn, but they are also reaping the benefits in terms of their general health.

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