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Heroic team rescues young moose trapped in residential area: 'He had been stuck there all night'

"At first, we thought this might be a wild moose chase, but it was very real."

"At first, we thought this might be a wild moose chase, but it was very real."

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A person who found a young moose trapped in their neighbor's yard demonstrated that sometimes the best way to take local climate action is to call in the professionals.

On Facebook, the Auburn Police Department in Maine shared photos of a juvenile moose that seemed to be still learning the reality of its own size. Somehow, the poor creature had gotten itself wedged between a tree and a garage. 

"At first, we thought this might be a wild moose chase, but it was very real — and the juvenile moose was VERY stuck," the APD wrote. "... In fact, he had been stuck there all night before being discovered by a neighbor this morning."

Given the sad state the moose was in, it may have been tempting for anyone who saw it to jump in immediately. However, as the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife points out, wild animals generally have the best chance of survival without human intervention.

Additionally, if a moose is very young — which didn't appear to be the case for this juvenile — it may still have a nearby mother who won't hesitate to defend it against any perceived threats. 

If an animal is injured or sick, though, reaching out to professionals can help save the creature and protect public and environmental health

In this case, the neighbor who spotted the juvenile appears to have been aware of best practices involving wildlife interactions, which ultimately led to the heroic rescue of the moose.

The APD shared that its officers partnered with Auburn Public Works, the Maine Warden Service, and the Department of Inland & Fisheries to get the moose out of its uncomfortable situation. Some neighbors also pitched in under the guidance of the trained professionals. 

After being tranquilized, the juvenile was carefully unwedged and transferred to a facility for medical evaluation and treatment. The APD revealed that the moose's condition will determine whether it is released back into the wild or taken to Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. 

"Our thanks to everyone who pitched in to save this young moose!" the APD wrote

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