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Man arrested for allegedly driving pickup truck in ocean: 'It's not my fault the truck don't surf'

"That's not a Transformer, sir."

“That’s not a Transformer, sir.”

Photo Credit: Volusia Sheriff's Office

It's one thing to take your car to the beach. It's another thing entirely to try to drive it into the ocean. 

Jason Brzuszkiewicz discovered this when he was arrested in February 2024 for driving his truck into the ocean in Volusia County, Florida. 

Oklahoma News 4 shared a photo showing a white pickup truck surrounded by waves that come up nearly to the top of its wheel wells. Even better, the Volusia Sheriff's Office posted a video taken by someone who saw the incident unfolding, which shows the truck driving around in the waves and documents the arrest. The post was popular locally, and the story was picked up on a national level. 

In the video, Brzuszkiewicz tells the deputy, "It's not my fault the truck don't surf!"

Some people found the incident amusing. 

One Facebook commenter said, "That's not a Transformer, sir." 

"Expensive car wash," another added

While the beach where this happened does permit cars out on the sand, it does not allow them in the ocean. Driving into the water this way doesn't just risk ruining the car, but it also shows disrespect to the animals who call that particular piece of ocean home. 

While it's impossible to tell how much damage is done in any single incident like this, driving into the water risks damage to fish, starfish, coral, seals, sea lions, and other sea creatures that live near the shore. None of them would survive getting crushed under this truck's tires.

One commenter noted the possibility of this type of damage. They said, "Better charge him with endangering marine wildlife; he definitely endangered his truck, too." 

Driving into the water also risks the car getting stranded there. When this happens, all sorts of damage can occur. Fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and more can end up in the water, potentially harming even more sea life in the area. 

If the car gets stranded, it has to be pulled out. This means even more vehicle traffic near a fragile environment. We probably don't want to add this to the damage done to ocean life by rising water temperatures and plastics making their way to the sea.

Overall, it seems better for everyone if vehicles stay on dry land, where they belong. 

As one commenter said, "Trucks don't make good submarines or boats." 

It shouldn't be too hard to prevent more trucks from taking a dip. 

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