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Heart-warming video shows penguin getting released back into wild after enduring long recovery in captivity

"Thanks for the love for animals."

"Thanks for the love for animals."

Photo Credit: TikTok

After a long recovery at an Australian wildlife hospital, a Little Penguin was finally released back into the wild, accompanied by celebration from her rescuers.

In the TikTok video from 9 News Australia (@9news), the rescue team from Taronga Wildlife Hospital reported that the penguin had suffered from a sea eagle attack. Coming away with wounds that were "quite deep," the penguin took up residency at the wildlife hospital, where she stayed for several weeks under the care of Taronga's veterinary team.

@9news Back at beak performance after her rehab 🐧 #animals #rescue #zoo #NSW #Australia #penguin #9News ♬ original sound - 9News Australia

The penguin is full of spirit in the video, hopping around the shallow waters of the hospital and then flapping eagerly into the water upon her release.

Australia is home to an incredible range of biodiversity, and wildlife rehabilitation work is crucial to preserving it. On its website, Taronga reports that its rescue teams have rescued seven native Australian species from extinction, treating more than 1,500 animals each year.

From fish and marine mammals who become entangled in fishing equipment, to birds who are hit by cars, to small mammals who are caught in steel traps, the hospital keeps busy. 

"It's amazing to be able to showcase the work we are doing … to help educate [people] about not only our role, but what they can do to help wildlife in need," said Taronga's Dr. Alisa Wallace.

Animals like this Little Penguin face a multitude of hazards, both naturally occurring and man-made. But even when the cause of their injury is human-related, animals around the world rely on humans for help

If you think you've found an animal who is abandoned or in need of help, you can follow Taronga's tips for a successful rescue mission (Hint: get them warm, but don't get too close).

You can help wildlife from the comfort of home, too. Whether you're donating to a local wildlife rehabilitator, volunteering, playing this unique video game where achievements equate to real-world donations, or even turning your home into a wildlife hospital, there are many ways to be a steward for the wildlife in your area.

This Little Penguin joins over 50,000 animals that have been re-released to their native home with Taronga. 

Commenters were happy to see her full recovery and return to the wild. "Thanks for the love for animals," one person wrote.

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