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Woman shares video of unusual assistance hired to do maintenance at local park: 'Maybe I should email my city council about this'

"This is so cute!"

"This is so cute!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Removing invasive plants from your land is perhaps the worst gardening job, with roots often bedded deep and thorns presenting a painful hazard. 

While the process is worth it, it can be exhausting, and there's no guarantee the plants won't reappear in the future. 

But self-proclaimed "eco nerd" Shelby has used her TikTok account (@shelbizleee) to suggest a way to help make it all easier, and more adorable.

Shelby, who has a degree in environmental science, was walking through a park when she came across a herd of goats tackling the overgrown terrain, describing them as the "cutest" environmentalists. 

The goats were quite content to strip shrubs of leaves and rip up problematic plants, with some even rearing themselves up onto tree trunks to get to the hard-to-reach snacks.

@shelbizleee met some environmentalist at the park 🐐> 💨 #invasivespecies #invasiveplants #invasivespeciesremoval #ecofriendly #sustainability ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

"THIS IS SO CUTE," said one TikToker, while another added, "GOATS ARE THE GOAT."

While goats are undoubtedly a charming way to keep your green space free of unwanted growths that may strangle the plants you hope to keep — as well as depriving them of essential nutrients and blocking sunlight — the animals aren't the most practical solution.

To avoid having to deal with invasive plant species in the future, it's important to do your research or speak to local gardening experts about the best things to grow in your garden.

For example, English ivy might seem like a way to bring a little fairytale charm to your backyard, but they can grow out of control quickly and are a nightmare to remove. 

That's why native plants are so important, even as a partial replacement option, as they won't cause harm to the local ecosystem and will encourage the presence of pollinators that are crucial to the environment. 

In the meantime, though, you can continue to fantasize about a small army of goats dealing with your troublesome flora.

"You know maybe I should email my city council about this," said one smitten TikToker. 

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