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These ultra-light lithium-ion batteries weigh just 10 pounds — and they could power the airplanes of the future

The batteries are lighter and can save up to 20 pounds per battery, thus increasing space for other useful loads.

True Blue Power, lighter lithium-ion batteries for airplanes

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True Blue Power has launched two lithium-ion batteries designed for smaller general-aviation aircraft. The company claims to be the world's first to engineer and certify lithium-ion batteries for aviation.

Unveiled at the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention in April, the batteries are available for 14- and 28-volt electrical systems.

"Lithium batteries are being used in increasing numbers in experimental aircraft because of their dramatically lighter weight, improved starting performance, and longer lives," Dick Sunderland wrote in a SportAviation magazine article republished online by EarthX, Inc.

True Blue Power has introduced the TB14 and TB28–12V models, specifically designed for smaller, fixed-wing aircraft. Sold at retail for $2,499 each, these batteries are projected to have an eight-year lifespan. The tech communicates with the cockpit when there is a malfunction or other issue, and maintenance costs may be cut by roughly 90%, according to AINonline.

When compared to conventional battery technology, lithium-ion batteries are faster, more powerful, and more compact — all while having a longer and more sustainable lifespan. 

The new True Blue Power batteries, in particular, weigh just 10 pounds, making them the company's smallest and lightest aircraft batteries, according to a press release from Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, the parent company of True Blue Power. The resulting weight reduction can be up to 20 pounds per battery, a substantial difference for smaller planes. This leeway allows for more space to accommodate other useful loads.

Pilots can also expect faster and more reliable engine starts from these lithium-ion batteries, as well as dependable performance in extreme temperatures should their journey take them to the desert or tundra. 

With applications including business, military, commercial, and even experimental aircraft, True Blue Power's latest in more-sustainable batteries brings their mission one step closer to taking over the skies. 

"True Blue Power is known as the world's market leader for lithium batteries, recognized for top quality and reliability," Todd Winter, president and CEO of True Blue Power, said in the release. 

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