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Influencers send internet buzzing with walkthrough of converted school bus home: 'This is luxury'

"This is the best one I've ever seen!"

"This is the best one I've ever seen!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

A couple of sustainable influencers online are modeling a sustainable lifestyle from their mobile tiny home.

Influencers Tanya & Arya (@the.queen.beep) have been posting their journey renovating a school bus into a home. Life in their dwelling, known as a "Skoolie," represents a popular lifestyle that encourages mobility and freedom as people renovate vans, buses, and other vehicles to travel.

In this viral post, the couple offers a first-person walkthrough of their home, starting outside the door and moving through the kitchen and living room before arriving in a spacious bedroom.

The influencers go into more detail about their Skoolie in other posts on their account, reviewing how they live comfortably and sustainably in the reduced space.

One post details a "bathroom reset," giving viewers a firsthand look into the space and how they use it, while another showcases where they cleverly hid away their storage spaces.  

Others feature details about how they converted the bus into a living space. This time-lapse demonstrates much of the key labor that went into the conversion. 

It is important to note that while Tanya & Arya engage in many sustainable practices, the bus runs on a traditional combustion engine to the tune of 12 miles to the gallon of gasoline.

Mobile living can be sustainable because it forces people to consolidate their lives and limit their consumption of goods and need for energy in a way that reduces their pollution footprint.

According to sustainable housing experts, inefficient houses produce twice as much carbon pollution as your average car. Of course, this bus is not the average car, and it is likely to put out more carbon than the average vehicle because of its large size and the energy required to power appliances

That being said, this nomadic lifestyle can foster a deeper connection with nature. According to psychologists, individuals with a deeper connection to nature are more likely to engage in more sustainable lifestyles.

With electric vehicle technology, this practice could become even more sustainable in the future. 

Folks in the comments were excited by the lifestyle and daily activities of the Skoolie drivers.

"This is luxury idc what anybody say," commented one. 

"This is the best one I've ever seen!" said another. "Gorgeous! I want it!"

Another user quipped: "This house is BUSsin."

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