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Students unveil game-changing green mobile home with remarkable features: 'It's a vision of the future'

The design places an emphasis on bringing the outside environment into the home.

The design places an emphasis on bringing the outside environment into the home.

Photo Credit: MO.CA

Students in Catalonia have designed a home for more sustainable living. As reported in Design Milk, students from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia have created the Mobile Catalyst (MO.CA).

MO.CA is a low-footprint, high-mobility home, which has a lightweight, space-efficient design that allows residents freedom and sustainability without sacrificing comfort. The space also runs entirely on solar energy, and it can run its systems for 24 hours on a single charge — it is "truly self-sufficient."

The open design and its ability to be towed by consumer-available pickup trucks means this sustainable architecture can also help inhabitants foster a connection to nature wherever they go.

The utility of the design is obvious in its low carbon footprint. It is smaller than most traditional homes, it is made primarily with recycled materials, and it has a water reclamation and storage system that reduces the amount of grey water and black water runoff. It also comes equipped with solar power and a storage battery well suited to energy needs in the Mediterranean environment where it was designed.

According to reports, the average European Union resident emits 7.2 tons of carbon annually, nearly 1 ton more than the global average. While this represents only half of the average American's 14 tons, the metric still shows room for improvement. More sustainable living options like MO.CA can help.

Furthermore, the design places an emphasis on bringing the outside environment into the home. Folding side panels can open the living space to the outdoors, and the inherent mobility allows users to access natural places comfortably.

Psychologists have found that those who connect with nature more frequently are more likely to make more sustainable lifestyle choices. Technology like MO.CA can help foster a relationship with the environment that leads more individuals to feel a desire to protect it.

According to writing in Dezeen, the design appears to be a result of making a travel-legal mobile home that was environmentally friendly and convertible for a variety of purposes. It could also be a response to the growing popularity of the "van-life" lifestyle, which emphasizes freedom and connection to nature as benefits of mobility.

As Design Milk noted: "It's a vision of the future."

It is worth noting that the home requires a vehicle to be mobile, and the vehicle could produce carbon pollution. However, if the primary home of the user is the MO.CA home, their footprint could still be reduced. According to Eco Performance Builders, the average home produces twice as much carbon as the average car.

Small mobile homes similar to the MO.CA model are currently commercially available in many regions.

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