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Traveler shares first-class experience aboard one of the world's fastest high-speed trains: 'Worth every penny'

She traveled over 800 miles for only $200.

She traveled over 800 miles for only $200.

Photo Credit: Instagram

High-speed rail is still the envy of many Americans, with the transportation method yet to take off in the country.

One Instagrammer has upped the jealousy levels, though, showing her exceptionally comfortable experience in the "premier class" carriage on a journey in China, taking her from Kunming to Guangzhou. 

Hui Xin (@yaphuixin) first showed where she was seated for the seven-hour journey, in a separate cabin that featured only six seats — she was even lucky enough to snag a single-seater. 

She noted that she had plenty of space on either side with generous leg room, and there was a large area behind the chair to store luggage. 

Upon boarding, she received a drink and a small lunch box of snacks, but a food menu was also available for travelers with a bigger appetite through the network operator's app.

A quick shot on the video showed the train reaching speeds of 261 kilometers per hour (162 mph), but the journey was smooth enough that Hui Xin slept for two hours and was able to do her skincare and makeup routine before reaching her destination. 

In all, she traveled hundreds of miles for only 200 Singapore dollars (about $150), and she described the trip as "worth every penny." 

Instagrammers responded to the post with a number of fire and heart emojis, signifying that they loved the video. 

Only two rail routes are considered "high speed" in the United States. Amtrak's Acela train runs between Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., while Florida has the Brightline service that runs from Orlando to Miami. 

But the country is developing new high-speed lines, including a route between Los Angeles, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopefully, efficient train travel will help reduce the number of polluting short-haul flights taken between locations across the country.

It's clear to see why train travel would be favored. The method of transportation produces a lot less pollution when compared to flying, with Our World in Data citing figures from the U.K. government that suggest trains produce only 35 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per passenger per kilometer, while short-haul flights produce 154 grams.

If more clean-energy-only trains can find their way onto tracks in the future, the polluting impact will decrease even further. 

Meanwhile, the boarding and disembarking process on trains is a lot smoother, meaning a lot less stress on the journey for passengers.

Judging by Hui Xin's video, it's the perfect way to travel. 

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