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Chinese battery developer announces latest cell technology capable of reaching almost full charge in under 10 minutes: 'Ready for immediate mass production'

These charging times should help make EVs more enticing to buyers.

These charging times should help make EVs more enticing to buyers.

Photo Credit: Gotion High-Tech

A Chinese battery manufacturer has developed superfast charging cells โ€” and it's not industry leader CATL.

Gotion High-Tech, a rival of China's best-known and most successful developer of electric vehicle and other batteries, announced two batteries that can be rapidly charged plus new solid-state technology at its annual conference, Emerging Technology News reported.

One of the batteries, a 5C called G-Current, can be replenished to 80% in 9.8 minutes and 90% in 15 minutes, according to ETN. It can be used in EVs and hybrids and with lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese iron phosphate, and lithium nickel cobalt manganese chemistries.

The company said the G-Current was "ready for immediate mass production," per ETN.

The other fast charger, named Stellary, is made of second-generation silicon-carbon and a fast-charging electrolyte. It goes from a 10% charge to 70% in nine minutes and enables battery packs to offer a 350-kilometer (217-mile) range after five minutes and a 600-kilometer (372-mile) range after 10 minutes, ETN reported.

A Gotion news release stated Stellary was uniquely designed to dissipate 70% of its heat outside the pack within three seconds, an important safety feature. A wireless battery management system helps ensure its reliability.

This battery will be made at Gotion's ยตm-level Gen7 facility, which will reduce manufacturing costs by 50%.

The other development was the Gemstone battery, which features all-solid-state technology. Its 350-watt-hour per kilogram energy density is 40% more than that of most NCM batteries, which will help EVs increase their ranges and use energy more efficiently.

It is planned for rollout in 2027 and commercial availability in 2030, offering a driving range of 1,000 kilometers, or 621 miles, on a single charge.

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Those stats and the charging times of the G-Current and Stellary should help make EVs more enticing to buyers. A $7,500 federal tax credit plus savings on gas and maintenance are other perks that come with switching from a gas-guzzler, and you can also remove 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution from entering our atmosphere each year.

The Biden-Harris administration is also working toward widespread EV charger availability by funding the infrastructure as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. On May 30, $1.3 billion in grants became available to states, local governments, Indigenous tribes, and more.

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