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Startup aims to revolutionize wind power with new bladeless rooftop turbines: 'Will play a vital role in helping companies fulfill their need for reliable, reasonably priced electricity'

It's a promising new avenue in wind generation.

It's a promising new avenue in wind generation.

Photo Credit: Aeromine Technologies

Safer and quieter wind power solutions may soon be coming to the roof of an office or apartment building near you. 

Now that startup Aeromine Technologies has received funding, it can move forward with the commercial rollout of its "motionless" wind energy system this year, as reported by Electrek.

When you think of wind turbines, it's usually the tall, large-bladed ones that are scattered throughout onshore and offshore farms to capture this green resource. 

As the Energy Information Administration reported, these turbines were already responsible for over 10% of all utility electrical grid energy in the U.S. in 2023. However, given the right technology, there are unserved markets where wind energy could be harnessed.

The Aeromine generators were designed to be installed on the predominantly wind-facing edge of flat-topped commercial or industrial rooftops, such as warehouses, big-box retail stores, and even large apartment complexes

Electrek explained that these "wind harvesting platforms" can generate around 50 kilowatts of power and usually consist of 20-40 units. Each approximately 10-foot tall unit is rugged, silent, produces no vibration, and can run 24 hours a day with little maintenance, according to information from the company website. 

Their aerodynamic design captures and amplifies airflow, directing it between two airfoils, which in turn creates low pressure. This helps draw wind up into an intake vent at the base and through an internal generator. 

With silent operation and no external moving parts, this type of generator has a minimal impact on wildlife and won't disturb any neighbors through noise pollution, according to the company. Plus, buildings and companies can reduce their CO2 emissions.

Maynard Holt, founder and CEO of Veriten, the lead investor in Aeromine, said, "We believe that distributed power innovation will play a vital role in helping companies fulfill their need for reliable, reasonably priced electricity and desire for low-impact power."

This unique technology was invented in 2015 by Aeromine's founder, Dr. Carsten H. Westergaard. The company was officially formed in 2021 and was followed by a series of test installations that have led to this year's commercial launch. 

The technology was even vetted by Sandia National Laboratories and Texas Tech University and was also recognized by the World Economic Forum in 2023 as an innovator in the sector. 

That's unsurprising, considering that the generator can produce 50% more power than some other sustainable options and, as the company claimed, can meet 100% of a building's needs when combined with rooftop solar.  

It's a promising new avenue in wind generation that can help us all get closer to our goals of net-zero emissions and fight the rise in global temperatures, making the air much cleaner and healthier for us to breathe. 

Said Aeromine CEO David Asarnow in a release: "This is a game-changer adding new value to the fast-growing rooftop power generation market, helping corporations meet their resilience and sustainability goals with an untapped distributed renewable energy source."

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