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Gardener reveals quick watering hack using wine corks to help plants thrive: 'Best way to make good use of old corks'

"Excellent idea."

"Excellent idea."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If your plants are mysteriously dying, it could have something to do with pot drainage. Luckily, your old wine corks can save the day.

The scoop

On TikTok, gardener David Domoney (@daviddomoney) shared a simple way to support your plants — literally.

@daviddomoney A quick garden hack using wine Corks! #Garden #gardening #tips #tipsandtricks #hack #gardentok #advice #howto #howtotiktok ♬ original sound - David Domoney

If you're setting your plant pots right onto the ground, you may be damaging them.

"What sometimes happens is, if you've done a container and you put it on the patio, and the bottom of the patio makes a seal with the bottom of the pot, the drainage holes can't release the moisture and eventually [the plants] becomes waterlogged and the plants die," he says. 

While you can buy "pot feet," you can easily make your own at home. David uses wine corks. 

"I put them underneath the container and sit the container actually on the wine corks," he explains. 

How it's helping

Cork is incredibly sustainable. It's harvested with little impact to the tree, which eventually regrows the cork. It's also biodegradable within a few years and easily recyclable. Because of its recyclability, companies like ReCork work to turn used cork into shoes, coasters, and more. ReCork gathers old corks, which it says on its website are then ground up and "used to replace petroleum based foams and plastics in consumer products."

You might have to get creative, but cork is an easy upcycle. From Coasters to mirrors — and maybe a little hot glue — you can make anything your heart desires.

Gardening can be hard, but little tricks like these make it easier. Corks under your pots, electric toothbrushes to help pollinate your tomato plants, egg cartons as nurseries for your seeds — there's a gardening hack for all your needs. For more tips and tricks, check out our guide to growing your own food

It's worth it. Gardening has a ton of benefits, from enjoying home-grown food rich in nutrients to a boost to your mental and physical health. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters thought David's cork trick was a great way to repurpose what would otherwise be thrown away.

"Love this," one user said. "Best way to make good use of old corks!"

"Excellent idea," another commented.

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