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Thrifter makes unbelievable find on the side of the street: 'I did an image search ... and they were all thousands of dollars'

"It comes with a middle piece that can make it longer or a different shape."

The Golden Girls themed couch, second hand items

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One lucky thrifter shared their gorgeous find on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. The find — a beautiful pink rattan couch — was spotted on the curb and was completely free!

The Redditor shared photos of the couch, which can be reconfigured to form different shapes to meet the needs of many occasions. Along with the photos, they wrote in their caption that it "comes with a middle piece that can make it longer or a different shape." 

Beautiful pink rattan couch for free
Photo Credit: u/0bsolescencee / Reddit
Beautiful pink rattan couch for free
Photo Credit: u/0bsolescencee / Reddit

These photos show that the piece shares an exciting resemblance to the famous couch on the beloved '80s and '90s sitcom "The Golden Girls" — an added bonus to an already awesome find. 

While this stunning home decor at no cost is already a massive win, the advantages of this find don't stop there. This thrifty approach to decorating also comes with environmental perks. 

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In both the production and disposal processes, furniture has major environmental impacts. 

The EPA estimates that 9 million tons of furniture are thrown away every year — most of which is "usually new furniture that's being tossed," according to sustainability expert and author Ashlee Piper. Once the pieces reach the landfill, they can sit there for decades before breaking down.

Piper also notes that much of this furniture was made in the past 10 to 15 years and was not built to last very long, similar to fast fashion. Fast furniture trends are harmful to the planet, made using unsustainable materials such as particle board and laminate, and lead to the decline of forests worldwide. 

Vintage pieces are often made with higher-quality, long-lasting materials — and, in the case of this Redditor and many others, can be found for low costs or free!

Other Redditors on the thread shared in the original poster's excitement about their "Golden Girls" couch. 

"Thank you for being a friend," replied one Redditor, in an ode to the show's theme song.

Another posted, "You need to make it big enough for Blanche, Dorothy and Rose to sit on it."  

"I did an image search to see if I could find one for sale and they were all thousands of dollars," wrote another user.

Whether it is at your local thrift store, your neighbor's curb, or on a secondhand furniture site, taking the time to find pre-loved furniture pieces will reap amazing benefits.

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