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Frustrated homeowner vents about neighbor choking community out with constant burning: 'That doesn't stop him from starting more fires'

"Is there anything else I can do?"

"Is there anything else I can do?"

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After several attempts to communicate failed and calling the authorities didn't work, one exasperated homeowner took to Reddit in search of advice for how to deal with their "smokey neighbor."

In the r/BadNeighbors subreddit, this Redditor shared the ongoing battle with their inconsiderate neighbor who continually blows smoke into the neighborhood. The photo posted shows a cloud of smoke rolling onto the poster's property and surrounding a couple of horses.

"Is there anything else I can do?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The Redditor said their neighbor will even smoke dirt and use leaf blowers to push the smoke onto their property. The neighbor has cussed out the poster when they've tried to discuss the issue, and the smoking continues. The police have been called, and still nothing has changed. 

The homeowner wrote: "Is there anything else I can do? It's to the point where other neighbors are complaining to them as well, and they get the same treatment, cussed out and harassed."

Commenters on the post were incensed by this behavior.

One user wrote: "Aim your hose and put it out."

The original poster responded: "I've tried, trust me, that doesn't stop him from starting more fires."

Burning and smoking things on personal property is not only obnoxious for the surrounding neighbors, but it's also detrimental to their health

Smoke pollutes the air, making it unsafe to breathe. People with underlying health issues are particularly vulnerable to this, as detailed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The leftover ash from a fire may contaminate soil and groundwater, too.

Starting a fire outside could cause a house fire and/or wildfire, endangering many lives.

Many items release toxic chemicals, including nitrogen oxides and volatile organic chemicals, when burned. These are not only dangerous for humans, but also detrimental to wildlife and the environment.

Research on long-term exposure to air pollution has shown that it can have many negative effects on humans, including an increased risk of dementia. The more data we have, the better we can combat these issues. Researchers are also developing artificial photosynthesis to help clean our air.

Commenters on the Reddit post had plenty of sympathy for the poster, and some recommended they continue to call the appropriate officials to help take care of the issue. Voting for planet-friendly policymakers could also result in legislation to limit unnecessary burns in residential areas. 

One Redditor pointed out: "Omg that poor horse has to breathe that crap in the air too."

"They suffer the most!" the OP responded

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