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Mechanic shares simple trick to easily remove 'every speck' of rust from your tools: 'Didn't realize it was this easy'

"This video came just hours after wondering how to get rust off."

"This video came just hours after wondering how to get rust off."

Photo Credit: YouTube

A YouTuber is sharing a simple trick that can save consumers money and reduce metal waste using only inexpensive household items.

The scoop

ChrisFix (@ChrisFix) has demonstrated how to use vinegar and ketchup to clean tools. 

"This rust removal process is super easy and removes every speck of rust," he said in the video caption.

All you need is soapy water, vinegar or ketchup, a plastic container, and baking soda. 

The hack works by utilizing the acid in these substances to dissolve the oxide on the metal.

The first step is using soapy water to eliminate any grease that might be on the surface of the metal objects being cleaned.

ChrisFix demonstrated this hack using both ketchup and vinegar. When using vinegar, put the item you are cleaning in a container and submerge it in the liquid. When using ketchup, simply leave it on a surface and cover what it is that you're cleaning. Let the items soak for between four and six hours.

While using vinegar, the YouTuber said you'll know it's working if you see "hydrogen bubbles bubbling off the rust."

After the items have soaked, just add baking soda to water and clean the items to neutralize the acid.

The result should be a set of items clean of rust and with a new lease on life.

How it's helping

This simple hack helps to save consumers money and eliminate waste by extending the life span of metal objects.

It also helps eliminate the use of retail rust removers, which often contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Using creative, nontoxic solutions to extend the life span of everyday items can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by day-to-day activities.

It also saves consumers money, as a bottle of cleaning vinegar or ketchup costs a lot less than a full set of new tools, which can set you back hundreds of dollars. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters on the post were grateful for a variety of reasons.

One wrote: "Too cool, this video came just hours after wondering how to get rust off."

"Didn't realize it was this easy," added another. "Thanks Chris!"

Another gave thanks, joking that "now I can be assured that I don't have any rust in my belly."

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