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Gardener reveals easy and cheap hack to remove rust from your tools: 'At last, something useful on TikTok'

"I needed this."

Hack to restore rusty gardening tools

Photo Credit: @Joesgarden / Tiktok

Sometimes all it takes is accidentally leaving your garden tools out during a rainstorm for them to gather rust. Luckily, one TikToker shared a cleaning hack that will restore your rusty gardening tools to their former glory. 

In a popular TikTok video, Joe Clark (@Joesgarden) explains his technique for removing rust from metal gardening equipment. All you need is salt, vinegar, baking soda, and a jar. 

"If you're like me and you've let your tools go rusty, here's how you can easily get them looking good as new," he says. 

First, fill the jar with distilled vinegar and pour in a bit of salt. Add your rusted tools to Clark's concoction, swirling them around in the mixture. Leave your tools in the jar overnight, and by morning, you'll see a lot of the surface rust has already lifted from your equipment. 

Using a wire brush, scrub the tools to remove any stubborn bits of rust. Lastly, you can dip your tools into a mixture of baking soda and water, and they will look as good as new. 

@joesgarden If you have let your tools go rusty (like me) here is how you can easily remove surface rust. #diy #learnontiktok #lifehack #tools #rustytoolfix #gardening ♬ original sound - Joesgarden

This cleaning hack is a simple, budget-friendly, and sustainable way to revive your tools. 

Clark's practical solution will rescue your gardening tools, increasing their lifespan and preventing frequent repeat purchases. Instead of wasting money replacing gardening shears or hoes, you can spend money on more plants or other necessities. 

This hack also promotes sustainable gardening practices by reducing waste. While it may seem easier to toss equipment when they show the first signs of wear or rust, extending the lifespan of our items prevents unnecessary landfill trash.

Americans throw out about 4.9 pounds of trash per person each day, accumulating to 1,788 pounds every year. While some garbage is composted or recycled, about half ends up in landfills. By keeping items longer, we can reduce the number of items sent to waste away in landfills.

By refurbishing rusted tools, you can minimize unnecessary consumption and contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

In the comment section, TikTokers were thankful Clark shared this simple hack to clean rusty tools.

One user wrote, "I needed this for my pliers, thank you!"

"At last, something useful on TikTok," another TikToker said.

"I do the same thing," a user added.

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