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Gardener shares 'beautiful' results after planting seeds from local environmental council: 'They seem to be doing the trick'

"I think this is a great first year!"

"I think this is a great first year!"

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Community centers and nonprofits occasionally give out seed packets to encourage people to plant gardens and help pollinate the planet. 

One Reddit user recently posted about receiving pollinator seed packs from an environmental group and a photo showing lush and healthy plants blooming marvelously. 

"I think this is a great first year!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I think this is a great first year!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The home gardener described the plants as "mangy but lively" and wrote in the caption, "I got pollinator seed packs from the Tennessee Environmental Council a while back, they seem to be doing the trick now."

The original poster shared, "I need to figure out how to trim them effectively, to keep them from toppling over, but aside from that, I think this is a great first year!" 

You can create vibrant wildflower gardens with free and low-cost seed packets that restore native plants to the land. But as some homeowners are discovering, you don't always know what you're going to get with seed packet mixes and what might end up growing in your yard. 

Packets may contain seeds of invasive species or weeds that you'll need to prune. However, this is just a minor burden compared to the many benefits of rewilding your yard, which includes saving money on water. 

Filling your yard with pollinating plants native to your area can help you save money on water costs while attracting bees and butterflies to the new pollen and nectar sources. Pollinator plants help naturally fertilize other flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing in your garden while encouraging genetic diversity, seed production, and a healthy overall ecosystem. 

Followers of the r/NativePlantGardening subreddit have been loving the "mangy" plants and offering advice about how to get them a little more under control. 

"Beautiful," one Redditor commented. "Love getting in my mangy beauties in the cooler weather and cleaning, gathering seeds, cutting back, and pulling the grass up. Fun work."

In the comments, a Reddit user suggested, "I'd maybe recommend some grasses if you want to provide some structure for the plants!"

"I love mangy gardens! Super cute!" another Redditor wrote

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