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Foodie shares 'genius' use for empty food container tubs: 'It's a game changer'

"Small things like this make my heart so happy."

"Small things like this make my heart so happy."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok user known as the Chief Fridge Officer (@chieffridgeofficer) shared an easy, clever way to transform plastic food containers into handy, reusable plant labels. 

The scoop

After being inspired by a comment on a previous video that suggested using plastic strips made from used containers as plant labels, Chief Fridge Officer gave the trick a try. 

@chieffridgeofficer Replying to @Emmy thanks for this tip! It's a game changer 😁 #indoorgarden #seedlings #tomato #label #reuse #reduce #recycle #zerowaste #frugal #lifehack #dyi ♬ original sound - Chief Fridge Officer 🇨🇦

The TikToker starts by taking an empty plastic cottage cheese container and cutting equally spaced vertical lines down from the lid to the base to create plastic strips. 

Then, she is able to cut around the bottom of the container so that each plastic strip falls off. These pieces could then be written on with a permanent marker to help her label her tomato plant seedlings. 

Chief Fridge Officer also points out that these plastic labels are durable and will not get moldy once they come into contact with water.

"It's a game changer," the TikToker wrote in the video's caption. 

How it's helping

This tip is a great reminder of how we can all continue to learn more about effective ways to recycle

Not only does reusing empty food tubs help keep them out of trash cans, but it also reduces the number of new supplies that would need to be bought and eventually thrown away, such as wooden plant markers. 

By repurposing plastic items like food containers, we can generate less waste, which helps cut down on the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills and also protects our oceans from pollution. 

The TikTok also serves as a reminder of how many plastic containers we may be using (and throwing away) on a regular basis, which may inspire you to explore buying products with plastic-free packaging or even ditching plastic food containers altogether. 

Simple swaps such as these create earth-friendly daily habits that can help pave the way for a cooler, cleaner future for our planet. 

What people are saying

Many viewers left comments on the video celebrating the simplicity of such a useful gardening hack

"Genius," one TikTok user remarked. 

"Love it!" another TikToker responded. "Small things like this make my heart so happy."

"I will give it a try for sure," a third user wrote.

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