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Woman shares simple hack to freshen your home with an unexpected ingredient: 'It also absorbs the bad smells'

"Definitely will be using this!"

"Definitely will be using this!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Have you ever opened your microwave or kitchen cabinet and caught a whiff of something…not so pleasant? 

Well, thanks to this ingenious hack by TikToker Christine Lan (@eco.amical), you can kiss those unsavory scents goodbye. 

@eco.amical Not only do orange peels contain natural oils, like limonene, that neutralize cooking odors, but they're also compostable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic air fresheners. By simply placing orange peels in different spots around the house, we can enjoy a naturally fragrant home without relying on artificial sprays or fragrances. Let's embrace this eco-friendly hack and make our homes smell amazing while reducing waste!   More info on my blog www.ecoamical.com #EcoFriendlyLiving #NaturalAirFreshener #ReduceReuseRecycle #Compostable #NoPlastic #HomeHacks #SustainableLiving ♬ original sound - Christine Lan

The scoop

The video detailing the hack begins with Christine asking her Mauritian mother why she keeps orange peels inside her toaster oven. Her mother speaks a mix of English, Creole, and Hakka, but her answer translates to "When you cook, it takes out bad smells." 

"And she's not wrong," Christine says. "Orange peels contain natural oils composed of limonene that can neutralize odors." 

She suggests placing orange peels in different places around the house to get everything smelling good and fresh without the need for artificial fragrances or sprays that come in plastic bottles. And, when you're done with your peels, you can just compost them.

How it's helping 

Using orange peels instead of a fragrance or spray is one of many ways to cut down on the 40 million tons of municipal plastic waste thrown away each year in America.  

According to Our World in Data, 1.1 to 2.2 million tons of plastic enter the world's oceans yearly. When plastic waste is not recycled, incinerated, or kept in a sealed landfill, it becomes an environmental pollutant.

Luckily, there are cheap alternatives to all kinds of popular cleaning and freshening products. Many, including orange peels, we already have around our homes. These alternatives can both save money and reduce plastic usage. They are also just as effective and often safer. 

One woman uses coffee grounds to get rid of musty scents, while another works with lemon, salt, and a splash of vinegar to neutralize odors on her cutting boards. Ways to get creative with how we clean are bountiful — and the next time we open our oven or cabinet, our noses will be thankful. 

What people are saying 

TikTokers took to the comments section of the video to praise the hack, ask questions, and offer suggestions of their own. 

"They also help with pests too," one user said of the orange peels. 

"Definitely will be using this!" another commented. "Thank you!"

A third person relayed this: "My grandma says it also absorbs the bad smells."

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