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Gardener shares 'beautiful' before-and-after photos of incredible lawn transformation: 'I did it all myself'

"It was a lot of work over 7 years."

"It was a lot of work over 7 years."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Washington state homeowner's stunning non-lawn garden makeover is drawing eyes on Reddit, particularly in the r/f***lawns community.

The incredible before-and-after photos document the homeowner's seven-year journey of transforming a conventional front lawn into a blooming oasis that's a hit with birds, bees, and online onlookers alike.

"It was a lot of work over 7 years."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"It was a lot of work over 7 years."
Photo Credit: Reddit

In the post, the homeowner shares "glamor shots" of the lush, thriving garden that replaced their previous grass lawn. "Things are starting to bloom now!" the original poster writes, explaining that she used the sheet-mulching technique to gradually smother the grass, working on the project slowly in sections over many years.

The photos reveal an unrecognizable transformation, with the final result bursting with vibrant flowers, plants, and meandering garden paths where a nondescript lawn once stood.

In a follow-up comment, the OP elaborated: "It was a lot of work over 7 years. But I started in one corner and just worked in small sections. Even doing one corner of your yard would help!

"I am a single middle-aged woman, and I did it all myself, but very slowly!"

Replacing a resource-intensive grass lawn with native plants offers major benefits for both homeowners and the environment. Swapping thirsty grass for native, low-maintenance alternatives like clover or buffalo grass can conserve water, slash utility bills, and save serious time and money on upkeep. Even a partial lawn replacement can make a meaningful impact.

What's more, grass-free yards create vital habitat for struggling pollinator populations that play a crucial role in our food supply. Transforming bland green grass into a mini-ecosystem supports birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife, turning an ecological dead zone into a biodiverse haven.

Fellow Redditors were quick to praise the incredible results of the homeowner's multiyear labor of love.

"That's incredible! I love your persistence and the hard work really shows," one commenter enthused.

Another gushed: "That's absolutely crazy how much progress you made. Good job and great photos!"

One particularly taken commenter even chimed in: "So pretty if you are my neighbor I would come over and ask you if we could be friends."

With an outdoor oasis like this, she may soon find herself with an influx of new neighborly BFFs.

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