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Proud homeowner shares incredible before-and-after photos of lawn transformation: 'It's worth it'

"This process has been so much fun and also backbreaking."

"This process has been so much fun and also backbreaking."

Photo Credit: Reddit

In a lawn-lasting transformation, a homeowner's stunning switch to native plants has taken root on social media, proving that greener pastures are just a garden away.

The proud homeowner shared incredible before-and-after photos on Reddit, showcasing a shift from a traditional, high-maintenance lawn to a beautiful, eco-friendly space teeming with native plants.

"This process has been so much fun and also backbreaking."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"This process has been so much fun and also backbreaking."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The transformation quickly garnered attention in the r/NativePlantGardening subreddit for its remarkable aesthetic and environmental benefits. 

"This process has been so much fun and also backbreaking. I still have a ways to go in terms of getting all the invasives out (creeping Charlie is a monster, lemon mint is popping up everywhere) but it's worth it," the caption stated.

In the photos, the once thirsty and labor-intensive green lawn has been replaced by a vibrant tapestry of native plants and flowers. The homeowner detailed their journey in the caption, explaining how they replaced their grass with native plants — such as wildflowers, clover, and buffalo grass — and incorporated xeriscaping elements to create a low-maintenance, water-wise garden.

"Converting just this part of my lawn has made SO many birds come to my yard and I see so many insects flying around all the time," the homeowner shared. 

The post highlights several key benefits of installing a native plant lawn

By choosing native plants, homeowners can save money and time on lawn maintenance, conserve water and lower their water bills, and create a healthier ecosystem for pollinators, which benefits humans as pollinators protect our food supply.

Options for eco-friendly, low-maintenance lawn replacements include native plants, clover, buffalo grass, and xeriscaping. Even a partial lawn replacement can allow homeowners to reap these benefits.

This transformation not only impacts the homeowner's life but also sets a positive example for others looking to make environmentally conscious changes. A native plant garden reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, promotes biodiversity, and helps in water conservation, making it a sustainable choice for modern gardening.

The post received an outpouring of positive reactions from the Reddit community. 

One user commented: "I love how your violets and bee balms are going crazy." 

Another echoed the sentiment, sharing a short and sweet message, "Very lovely."

For those interested in starting their own lawn transformation, resources are available to guide homeowners through the process. Check out TCD's guide on rewilding your yard or learn how to switch to a natural lawn for more tips and inspiration.

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