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Homeowner shares unbelievable transformation photo after drastically changing their lawn: 'This looks amazing'

"Perfect timing."


Photo Credit: u/newbie_proplifter / Reddit

One green-thumbed Redditor has gotten creative with their garden. Instead of going to a nursery to pick out flowers, they filled their yard with local wildflowers. 

The Reddit post features a gorgeous yard filled with orange and blue flowers. The Redditor said that the process was rather simple — it involved mulch, wildflowers, and a bit of help from their regular landscaping company.

The Redditor used Chip Drop, a company that notifies local tree companies when you send in a request for mulch. The mulch is then delivered to you for free from one of your participating local businesses. Chip Drop described their mulch as "a local, free, natural bi-product that doesn't require any extra carbon to create," so it benefits the environment, too.

Then, the Redditor planted two buckets of wildflowers. After just one season, the flowers bloomed beautifully. 

This idea is a great way to create an inexpensive, low-maintenance garden. Instead of growing plants that aren't suited to your environment, embracing local wildlife will make it easier for your plants to survive, and it will likely be easier for them to grow back next season, as well. They also need less water and fertilizer and are more tolerant — less work for you! 

Plus, you won't be overspending at the nursery on flowers to plant because you'll be able to find these in nature. When you add in a program like Chip Drop, the costs associated with gardening decrease even more. 

On top of that, adding to the native wildlife helps out your ecosystem. 

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy described wildflowers as "the backbone of ecosystems for pollinators, beneficial insects, birds, and other small animals," and mentioned that native plants are four times more attractive to pollinators

By helping native plants to grow in your area, you'll also be helping local wildlife to thrive. 

Commenters on the post couldn't get over how beautiful the garden looked.

"This looks aamaaaazing!!" said one, while another commented, "Wow!! Perfect timing."

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