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Gardener reveals weed removal tool that outcompetes weed whackers: 'This would make yard maintenance so much easier'

"Love how quiet and peaceful this is."

"Love how quiet and peaceful this is."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Maintaining a beautiful garden is great exercise, but trimming unwanted growth in hard-to-reach areas can be tricky. One Instagrammer shows us how getting back to basics can solve this problem.

The scoop

Instagrammer and permaculture practitioner Charles J. Lawson (@foodforestvirginia) shared a reel showcasing their skills with a scythe.

The homesteader walks along a garden edge, easily brushing the scythe against unwanted growth. Charles said, "We can put the tip right up next to the plastic, get as close as possible."

They even show how simple it is to get the scythe underneath larger plants without harming them. "Look at that. So easy."

After only about 30 seconds of using the tool, the chopped area is nicely groomed and covered in freshly cut biomass. 

Charles shares a couple of options for what to do with the clippings. "I can let it fall where it may, kind of just build the soil into a chop and drop kind of idea, or I can rake all this biomass out and use it as mulch somewhere else."

He ended the video with the advice, "Try a scythe."

How it's working

Traditional landscaping would call for a weed whacker in this situation. But many gardeners like to work in the early morning hours before temperatures rise. The scythe is quiet and quick, so it won't disturb any sleeping neighbors. 

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As with all gardening, using a scythe is great physical exercise. Gardening activities raise the heart rate and provide muscle strengthening. They also offer mental health benefits like stress relief and anxiety reduction.

Charles mentions in the Instagram reel that you can be articulate enough with a scythe to work around any plants you want to keep, like the carrots shown in the video. 

Growing your own food has many benefits. It reduces the time it takes to visit a grocery store and shop for produce, cuts back on grocery costs, and provides healthier food options than what can be purchased in-store. 

Since it decreases the demand for mass-produced and globally shipped produce, it's also great for the environment. Store-bought food often comes in packaging that quickly ends up in a landfill, producing air pollution as it breaks down. Food that is shipped also requires dirty energy for its transportation. 

For tips on growing your food, visit TCD's guide here.

What people are saying

Commenters on the reel praised this landscaping method. One user said, "Love how quiet and peaceful this is."

Another joked, "Brb getting a scythe."

One commenter pointed out another benefit of using a scythe instead of a weed whacker. "My hero! I've been trying to think of something to weed around my bee hives that won't make them upset, this is perfect."

Another user said, "This would make yard maintenance so much easier."

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