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Gardener shares how your furry friends can help keep pesky slugs out of the garden: 'I'll be slug-free all summer'

"Recycling at its best."

"Recycling at its best."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Slugs can wreak havoc on beautiful, healthy plants. Luckily, one TikToker shared a cheap and easy way to keep them at bay. 

The scoop

Gardening expert and TikToker Simon Akeroyd (@simonakeroydgardener) posted a helpful video with tips on how to stop slugs from ruining your garden.

@simonakeroydgardener Slugs hate hair / fur / wool. So place wool, pets' hair or even your own hair around your plants. Slugs and snails won't travel over them. You will find masses of sheep's wool out in the countryside. It snags on barbed wire and trees where sheep have rubbed. I find loads on my walks on #Dartmoor #Devon Just make sure you haven't used any chemicals on your pets fur (eg flea treatment) or your own hair (eg dye…obviously I don't! ) Watch out for birds though. #growyourgroceries #growyourownfood #slugsandsnails ♬ You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - BTO

Simon wrote, "Slugs hate hair/fur/wool." 

To try this hack on your own, you'll need to begin by collecting pet fur, human hair, or sheep's wool.

In the video, Simon shaves fur off his dog River (much to River's delight). He also shows that you can even use some of your own hair, joking, "If you have any hair to spare."

Another option is to gather wool. In the poster's geographical area, he's able to walk the countryside and find clumps of sheep's wool for free. If this is an option in your area, check near places where there's barbed wire and trees, as sheep tend to get their wool snagged there.

Once you've gathered some of these materials, lay them around the base of your plants. According to Simon, "Slugs and snails won't travel over them."

How it's working

Slugs and snails can destroy otherwise healthy plants by feeding on the leaves and stems. While there are items you can purchase to deter them, why not use what you've already got for free? As long as your pet doesn't have chemically treated fur and your hair isn't dyed, both can safely be used in a garden.

Shaving your head (or your pet's) isn't necessary, though. You can simply gather the hair or fur from a brush, which will work just as well. 

Gardening offers many benefits, like heart-healthy exercise and stress relief, but it also requires time and effort. It's important to protect your hard work and keep your plants safe from pesky little creatures like slugs, especially if you're growing your own food

Growing food yourself saves both time and money. No need to spend your weekends combing the bins at the supermarket or spend your money on mass-produced groceries if you can collect them from your own backyard instead. 

As an added perk, you can feel good that you're reducing your pollution impact by decreasing the demand for mass-produced, store-bought, and globally shipped produce. Just make sure the slugs don't get to dine on your food before you do. 

What people are saying

Commenters were excited to try this fun and simple hack

One user said, "I'll ask my dog groomer for any trimmed fur — recycling at its best, thanks for the tip!"

Another TikToker said, "Off to brush my golden retriever, I'll be slug-free all summer."

One user was appreciative that they learned about this hack before unnecessarily spending money, saying, "Thank you a lot. [I] was about to buy some wool. Now I'm going to collect all the brushes from the house."

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