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Farmer shares simple method to beat the heat and grow lush greens: 'Keep on growing!'

Growing your own lettuce is a delicious way to save money on groceries.

Growing your own lettuce is a delicious way to save money on groceries.

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Lettuce tell you a secret: You can grow this crisp, refreshing green all summer, even in the hottest weather. 

A farmer on Instagram recently shared her top tips for cultivating lettuce when the temperature climbs into the 80s and 90s.

The scoop

A farmer from the Highland Orchards in Wilmington, Delaware, called CSA Farm, Delaware market, farm education (@highland_orchards), shares everything you need to know about growing lettuce heads that beat the heat.

To grow lettuce in the heat, start by choosing hot weather varieties like Sunland, Catalina, Muir, and Coastal Star. Harvest the leaves when they're young and tender for the best flavor and texture.

Watering is key. Don't let the soil dry out, or your lettuce may turn bitter. Aim to give your lettuce patch about an inch of water per week.

Finally, provide some afternoon shade during the hottest part of the day, either by planting near taller crops or using a shade cloth. Just three to four hours of relief from the intense sun will help keep your lettuce sweet.

As the farmer sums it up, "Keep on growing!"

How it's working

Growing your own lettuce is a delicious way to save money on groceries. A packet of lettuce seeds costs just a few dollars but can supply you with fresh salads all season long.

Gardening is also fantastic for your physical and mental well-being. Tending to your lettuce patch gets you outside for some gentle exercise and stress relief. Watching seeds sprout into tasty leaves is extremely satisfying.

Best of all, homegrown lettuce is healthier for you and the planet. You can skip the pesticides often used on store-bought greens. Plus, your backyard harvest eliminates all the packaging and transportation needed to ship lettuce to grocery stores.

What people are saying

Home gardeners are eating up this advice in the comment section.

"Great tips. I have lettuce all summer by doing this!!!!" raved one commenter.

Another simply said, "Thank you. Great 'tips.'"

Several people chimed in with tried-and-true lettuce varieties for hot weather, like Jericho and Cherokee. Others suggested planting lettuce in containers for even more control over sunlight and soil moisture.

The verdict? Don't let the summer heat stop you from enjoying fresh, crisp lettuce straight from your garden. You can keep the salads coming all season with the right varieties and a little extra TLC. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

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