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Century-old gardening magazine declares rewilding as gardening trend of 2024 — here's why that matters

"We must restore natural processes and species to return the ecosystem to its original state."

"We must restore natural processes and species to return the ecosystem to its original state."

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Trends and fads come and go, but when one makes consumers' lives easier and makes a huge eco-friendly impact, it's definitely worth a try.

Gardening and home magazine House Beautiful has declared that rewilding is the biggest gardening trend of 2024. An article on its website states: "Gardening with a more sustainable focus is gaining traction as more of us learn what it means to be part of nature — instead of trying to control nature."

Since rewilding (the act of restoring an environment to its natural state) helps people save money and time, it's no surprise this trend is spreading.

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There's a lot of benefits from growing native plants because they require less maintenance and fewer resources. People with native lawns don't have to shell out cash for fertilizers and weed killers, and their water bills are lower because of native plants needing less water compared to traditional grass. 

Natural lawns and native plants are also great for the environment. They cut down on water consumption, add to critical biodiversity, and provide a welcoming environment to our important pals, the pollinators

Across the globe, major rewilding projects are underway. The Momentum reported that Tompkins Conservation has conducted rewilding and other planet-friendly activities across millions of acres in Chile and Argentina.

In Norway, a large rewilding project included transforming an old industrial city into a healthy ecosystem for endangered species. And efforts in Africa are helping to rewild 2,000 white rhinos in order to protect them and help them thrive.

You can be a part of this global movement in your own backyard, patio, or balcony. House Beautiful shares multiple ways to get started, including planting some native flowers, constructing wildlife shelters, and providing a water feature like a birdbath. 

Michael Hagen, a curator at the New York Botanical Gardens, said: "[Rewilding is] founded in the concept that we're missing animals from our landscape, and we must restore natural processes and species to return the ecosystem to its original state."

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