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Homeowner shares frustrations after receiving string of complaints from HOA: 'I have never seen that before'

"Does a HOA actually have the authority to decide?"

"Does a HOA actually have the authority to decide?"

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A recent Reddit post in an anti-HOA subreddit community is getting attention for exposing how some homeowners associations impede eco-friendly progress.

The poster, a classic truck owner, received a flurry of letters from their HOA in a two-day span. One complained about oil leaking from their 1966 Ford F100. Another chastised the homeowner for replacing windows without permission, even though it beautified the home.

But the most shocking letter claimed the homeowner needed to ask permission before buying an electric vehicle — an eco-friendly alternative to the oil-leaking Ford.

"Oh, and the note also said, 'may not be approved,' as in, what? Take your car back?" the poster wrote. "I pay my own light bill and own the wiring in my home, so load on the neighborhood shouldn't be a concern."

This homeowner's experience is not unique. Across the country, HOAs have been caught preventing residents from making money-saving, eco-friendly updates like installing rooftop solar panels or planting native lawns that require less water.

By stalling such improvements, HOAs aren't just costing homeowners more on utility bills — they're also contributing to environmental damage and slowing the transition to cleaner energy. Case in point: the Redditor's electric vehicle is a great substitute for their oil-leaking Ford, but ironically, their HOA doesn't approve of either vehicle.

Other Reddit users chimed in with disbelief that an HOA could dictate what vehicle someone drives.

"Does your CC&R's specifically prohibit EVs? I have never seen that before, and I've read hundreds of restrictions," one commenter replied. "If it does, I would REALLY like to read your neighborhood's CCRs."

Another wrote, "Does a HOA actually have the authority to decide what type of vehicle you can drive? ... it seems really odd the HOA would complain."

As more homeowners look to trim energy costs and shrink their environmental footprints, HOAs will need to keep up with the times. Banning EVs, solar panels, and native plants not only hurts residents' wallets but also hampers much-needed climate progress. Thankfully, by speaking up for the environment and using kind candor to work with their HOAs, homeowners nationwide can make a difference.

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