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Woman demonstrates simple cleaning tip for defogging headlights at home: 'It works so well'

"I'm shook omg."

"I’m shook omg."

Photo Credit: TikTok

No car will look perfect forever, but you can do a few things to keep it pristine. Headlight covers get dirty and foggy, making your nighttime drives a little less pleasant. Lifestyle TikToker Bee (@simplybiancaalexa) gave drivers an easy, cheap, and green solution to dull headlight plastic.

The scoop

Headlights fog because of trapped water vapor and debris accumulating on the covers. Everything from bugs to salt could cause the sparkle to fade, making headlights appear "horrible and yellow." However, Bee shows off a hack you can use in less than a minute to make headlights look brand new.

@simplybiancaalexa Cleaning hack for old yellow headlights. All you need is an orange and some baking soda!! #cleaninghacks #fyp #viralhacks #cleanheadlights #cleanheadlighthack ♬ original sound - Bee 🐝

All you need is an orange cut in half and some baking soda. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the fruit and squeeze until its juices create an interaction. Then, use the orange like a sponge, scrubbing in circular motions around the headlight. 

The acidic reaction tackles buildup like a champ. Wipe off the mixture and see the difference immediately. 

"This is crazy, it works," Bee exclaims.

How it's helping

Countless car cleaning products contain unnecessary chemicals. They are deceptively unsafe for people to use and also pollute the environment. This hack gives drivers a natural alternative, saving a trip to the auto shop. Many headlight cleaners contain ammonium sulfate and other questionable ingredients, reducing nutrients in waterways and hurting aquatic life.

This hack inspires people to think critically about why they need expensive, abrasive cleaners. Earth-based routines could save you $900 over ten years and prevent 200 pounds of toxic chemicals from leaking into nature. Tricks like this are a small way of making a significant impact.

Plastic bottles containing harsh cleaners and disposable paper towels inevitably litter neighborhoods, leaving volunteers responsible for tending to the mess.

You should avoid harmful combinations of seemingly helpful cleaners in your cupboards. For example, combining bleach and vinegar is one of the most dangerous because it forms a toxic gas you can unintentionally inhale. Solutions like Bee's hack allow you to get results without fear. 

And you can never go wrong with good old-fashioned baking soda to clean just about anything. 

What people are saying

"I'm shook omg," one person said. Bee affirmed, saying, "It works so well!"

Another only responded with several flushed-face emoji, shocked at the difference it made.

Others were so impressed that all they could say was, "wow."

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