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Farmer shares genius hack to get critical gardening material without spending a dime: 'It works so great'

"I thought we lived too far out in the country, but we had ours within 24 hours."

"I thought we lived too far out in the country, but we had ours within 24 hours."

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How can farmers and gardeners line their chicken coops, grow mushrooms, make compost, and pave walkways at no cost? One farmer shared a tip you almost "wood" not believe. 

The scoop

When asked how she keeps her chicken coop so clean, Karee Upendo (@upendoestates) attributed her pristine hen pen to free wood chips from a company called ChipDrop

According to Karee, ChipDrop helps arborists save money by dropping off logs and wood chips to anyone willing to take them.

Keep in mind that the ChipDrop website states that anyone who requests wood chips must be willing to accept up to 20 cubic yards of wood chips, as there is no way to request a specific amount beforehand.

"Here on the farm, we use these chips as bedding in the chicken coop, we use them as compost and we use them as walkways and even our garden beds," Karee says in her video.

The farmers also add wood chips to their compost tumbler for making excellent soil, and any logs they request are used for inoculating shiitake mushrooms.

How it's helping

Wood chips are a cheap (or, in this case, free) multipurpose material that can be used in a variety of gardening projects.

As a repurposed natural by-product of tree trimming and the lumber industry, using them as mulch or bedding can effectively reduce the potential waste created by cutting down trees and help ensure that every part of the tree is purposefully utilized.

When used in gardens and farms, wood chips can keep the soil moist by reducing evaporation, which easily conserves water. They also keep weeds from popping up, reducing the need for chemical-filled herbicides that can harm the environment. 

This tip can help even more people pick up the incredibly beneficial hobby of gardening. Growing your own food can be great for your mind and your body by getting you outdoors, getting you moving, and even getting you involved in your community.

According to a study from the University of Colorado, people who garden eat more fiber and get more physical activity, which can improve brain health, help manage weight, and reduce their risk of disease. 

What everyone's saying

Viewers loved hearing about the free wood chips delivery service and how Karee and her family incorporated this all-natural material into so many different areas of their farm.

"My husband is a tree trimmer and they always need places to dump chips!" one comment stated.

"I thought we lived too far out in the country but we had ours within 24 hours. They also have a map where you can see people near you who've also gotten a drop," another commenter shared.

"It works so great!" a third commenter said. 

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