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Gardener shares why a common kitchen utensil is the secret to easily re-potting your plants: 'Makes it so much easier'

"That's an amazing idea."

Up-potting seedlings can save you cash

Photo Credit: @meggrowsplants/ Tiktok

A TikToker is making use of a common kitchen item to re-pot her seedlings instead of spending money on gardening tools — and as it turns out, it works perfectly.

The scoop 

TikToker Meg (@meggrowsplants) posts about everything related to plants — gardening tips, gardening updates, and even recipes. Her video about "up-potting" seedlings is catching attention because it requires only one tool — a common household item at that: a fork. 

@meggrowsplants A fork has many uses! 😂 makes it so much easier to scoop your little seedlings out so you can repot them 💚 #gardentok #gardentip #gardeningtrick #gardeninghack #seedling #gardenwithme ♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) - Ellen Once Again

Up-potting is exactly what it sounds like — moving newly sprouted seeds from their plastic packages and into the ground or a pot so the roots can continue to grow. 

In her video, Meg describes how she used to do this by just tugging on the sprout and wiggling it out of the packaging, but this can damage the plant. Now, she uses a fork — slipping it right down the side of the packaging and scooping the plant out.

"Makes it so much easier to scoop your little seedlings out so you can re-pot them," she says. 

How it's helping 

This hack saves time, money, frustration, and the quality of your plant while gardening. Instead of fighting with the plastic packaging — pushing from the bottom or trying to scoop the plant out with your fingers — it takes just a second or two to do with a fork. 

On top of that, gardening is great for the environment. 

If you choose to grow food, you'll be saving money by not needing to buy produce, and you'll be saving the planet from polluting gases that are created in the harvest and transportation of produce. 

Even if you just want to grow flowers or other plants, they still have a number of positive environmental impacts.

Plants help to clean the air and the ground, taking in planet-warming gases from the air and absorbing harmful chemicals from the soil. They also add nutrients to the soil, and their roots help prevent erosion, according to U.S. Green Technology. 

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What everyone's saying 

Commenters on the video were supportive and offered up alternatives if you don't have a fork to spare, "I use a butter spreader or cake spatula," one mentions

Others expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the hack, writing, "That's an amazing idea!" and "That is so helpful, thank you!"

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