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Homeowner inquires about footing bill for EV charger installation in HOA-governed area: 'I couldn't be paid enough to live under an HOA'

"Come up with a plan to provide shared EV charging as a benefit for any resident."

"Come up with a plan to provide shared EV charging as a benefit for any resident."

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Electric vehicle charging stations continue to pop up across the United States, with a compound annual growth rate of 43.7%, according to Consumer Affairs. However, they are heavily concentrated in certain geographic areas, leading many Americans to have concerns about their availability and convenience. 

In response to these concerns, homeowners are taking matters into their own hands and contacting homeowners associations about installing EV charging stations where they live. 

One homeowner posted on Reddit, asking r/evcharging followers for advice on how to use empty guest parking spaces more efficiently by installing an EV charger. 

The homeowner lives near six rarely used guest parking spaces and was looking for the cheapest and most cost-efficient way to install an EV charger in one of them. 

"Idk if they want me to pay for it or not or what, but they're asking me to fill out an architectural form," the homeowner wrote.

The homeowner also considered going with ChargePoint, an EV charging platform, but was unsure of the cost.

According to some state statutes, homeowners may apply to install EV charging stations for personal use in parking spaces exclusively for their use. HOAs must approve a homeowner's application, and the homeowner is responsible for all costs. Yet HOAs' EV charging laws vary by state.

Associa, a community management and HOA resources company, states that an HOA board will use budgeted funds to pay for the installation of a public EV charging station in a common area of the property. It asserts that HOA boards are not legally responsible for privately owned EV charging stations. Still, they can request information from the homeowners who will install the ports and require installation by licensed and insured contractors.

While some people like the comfort and security an HOA offers, these organizations are notorious for preventing homeowners from making eco-friendly updates to their homes and neighborhoods. HOAs have stopped homeowners from installing water-saving landscaping, energy-saving solar panels, and biodiverse wildlife habitats.

If your HOA is resisting your ideas for a more sustainable home, check out our HOA guide for ideas and tips about starting a conversation, making changes, and taking legal action.

"I couldn't be paid enough to live under an HOA," one Redditor commented

"Come up with a plan to provide shared EV charging as a benefit for any resident (and possibly guests)," another user suggested.

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