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Homeowner vents frustration with progress photo of their daunting yard work: 'This gives me flashbacks'

"You poor soul."

"You poor soul."

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A homeowner has discovered they aren't alone after a daunting project to remove a seemingly innocuous plant.

In the subreddit r/landscaping, the homeowner shared a photo showing well over a dozen garden bags stuffed with English ivy.

"Dear English Ivy: F*** You," they wrote in the caption, ominously labeling the image "Part 1."

Other Redditors were quick to chime in with their own stories of the invasive plant.

"Man, this gives me flashbacks," one person shared. "I bought my first home over a year ago, the previous owner let the ivy grow all over [the] entire right side of the house. The house is stucco, and it was completely covered in residue after we carefully removed it."

Because of its beauty, it's not uncommon for people to be drawn in by English ivy, which also seems to provide the promise of easy, low-maintenance ground cover.

However, more than one unfortunate homeowner has discovered that the aggressive plant's allure is deceptive.

In addition to potentially killing trees and pollinator-friendly native plants by preventing them from getting enough sunlight, English ivy can cause dangerous structural damage in buildings if not meticulously maintained or even hide preexisting issues, according to Epic Gardening

Add in the fact that the water accumulated by ivy can provide a home for unwanted pests, including disease-carrying mosquitoes, and it's no wonder that people are more than willing to take on the arduous task of removing the plant — in addition to warning others away from it. 

"I feel this in my entire soul," one Redditor wrote in response to the OP's frustration. 

"You poor soul. If it makes you feel any better.... I've been there," another person commiserated, adding that it took them three years to get rid of their ivy.

"I just did this to my own yard in the spring … I think I had over 20 bags in 2 weeks," another commenter shared

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