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Electric leaf blowers might be the future of lawn care, but are they right for your lawn?

Although it might surprise you, electric leaf blowers are usually cheaper than gas-powered models.

Electric leaf blowers

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Electric leaf blowers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to quickly and efficiently clean up leaves and debris in your yard. But with so many different models and features available, it can be hard to know which one best checks your boxes.

Are electric leaf blowers worth it?

Electric leaf blowers are definitely worth it if you're looking for a quick and easy way to clean up your yard. They're lightweight, easy to use, and don't require any gas or oil, so they're much more eco-friendly than gas-powered leaf blowers. Plus, they don't produce dangerous, asthma-worsening pollution like traditional leaf blowers do. 

This might seem like a small benefit, but the amount of pollution traditional blowers create is extremely high. Just a half hour of leaf blowing with a two-stroke blower can produce the same amount of carbon pollution as driving a pickup truck thousands of miles.

Plus, electric leaf blowers are usually much quieter than gas-powered models, so you won't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

And although it might surprise you, electric leaf blowers (both battery-powered and corded) are usually cheaper than gas-powered models. Blowers that run on batteries cost, on average, about $137, while gas ones cost closer to $206.

Why don't some people like electric leaf blowers?

Despite the fact that they're cheaper, quieter, and way cleaner to use, some people prefer gas-powered models because they're not as powerful as gas-powered models. But for those of us who aren't working on landscaping crews or with some seriously big leaf piles, this won't matter as much. 

Another reason some people prefer gas is that electric leaf blowers can be limited by their cord length if they're not battery-powered. In this case, you might need to be close to an outlet if you want to use one.

Which should I go for?

For those willing to make the upgrade while paying less to do so, you have several options.

The Black+Decker 20V Max is a relatively inexpensive option that can still make quick work of yard clippings and debris. For those who are willing to splurge a bit on a new cordless electronic leaf blower, the Ego Power+ blower could be for you. 

Overall, doing your research on what brand, type, and power of blower you'll want is crucial. But make no mistake — you'll be blown away by how nice electric leaf blowers are.

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