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Cat owner demonstrates cheap, simple way to transform old boxes into scratching toy: 'Never thought of this'

"It's a great reuse for boxes!"

"It's a great reuse for boxes!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Looking for an easy and eco-friendly way to keep your cat entertained? This DIY cat scratcher is the perfect solution. Not only will it save you money, but it also helps keep cardboard out of landfills.

The scoop

To make your own cat scratcher, you'll need a cardboard box and some extra cardboard.

Simply cut the extra cardboard into strips. The more, the better. Then, fill the bottom of the box with the strips until it's completely covered. And that's all there is to it.

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Cat Tigrous (@cat_tigrous), a feline star of TikTok, gave this DIY invention their stamp of approval, declaring that the cat scratcher is "Cat approved."

How it's working

This simple hack can save you a good chunk of change. Store-bought cat scratchers can cost anywhere from $10-$50 or more. By making your own with upcycled cardboard, the only cost is a little bit of your time.

The planet also wins when you choose DIY. Americans throw away around 850 million tons of paper and cardboard each year, according to RoadRunner Recycling. While some of that gets recycled, a lot still ends up in landfills where it contributes to the staggering amount of methane pollution in our atmosphere as it decomposes.

By finding a creative reuse for your extra cardboard, you're reducing waste and doing your part to cut back on pollution. If every cat owner made the switch to DIY scratchers, think of the positive impact it could have on our atmosphere.

Even small actions add up when we get creative.

What people are saying

The response to Cat Tigrous' eco-friendly life hack has been overwhelmingly positive. Fellow cat-loving TikTokers chimed in with plenty of comments.

"COOOOL!!! So clever. Thnx for sharing!!!" one said.

"It's a great reuse for boxes!" wrote another. "We made these out of Girl Scout cookie cases, with my daughter's troop, as a service project and donated them to our local shelter."

"Wow never thought of this for my cats. Thank you," said a third.

Sounds like this DIY is a win-win for both cats and their humans. If you give this simple scratcher a try, your cat and the planet will thank you.

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