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Homeowner anxiously regrets yard maintenance mistake after attempting to get rid of weeds: 'Do I still have a chance at redemption?'

"You have to realize that landscaping is a marathon, not a sprint."

"You have to realize that landscaping is a marathon, not a sprint."

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Gardening comes with a lot of trial and error, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.

One determined gardener posted about their yard troubles in the r/NoLawns subreddit to get some advice. 

The Redditor explained that they just bought a home and now have a yard for the first time. The lawn came with a whole set of problems: brown patches, mystery plants, weeds, etc. The poster confessed they put down herbicide in the front lawn and immediately regretted it. 

Now, they want to plant clover and asked the subreddit community, "Did I mess up too much by using the herbicide a week before starting over, or do I still have a chance at redemption?"

Commenters were supportive and helpful with their responses. Many noted that it takes time to make big changes to a yard and not to worry about one mistake. 

Gardening has so many health benefits, including mood boosts, anxiety relief, and physical exercise, that it would be a shame to be discouraged by a few mistakes. 

There are even additional benefits that come with installing a natural lawn or rewilding your yard. Homeowners can save both time and money, making the occasional misstep totally worth working through.

Native plants require less water and fertilizer, cutting down on water bills and product and service fees. They also require less time since they're lower maintenance than traditional turf grass or non-native plants.

Xeriscaping, clover, and buffalo grass are all excellent options for lawn replacement. Even partial lawn replacement offers great benefits to homeowners. 

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Native plants and natural lawns are also much better for the environment. They conserve water and offer a healthier ecosystem for wildlife, including pollinators. Since pollinators protect our food supply, keeping them happy benefits us all. 

Commenters on the Reddit post offered a lot of great advice.

"You have to realize that landscaping is a marathon, not a sprint," one user said. "Attempting to do everything in one summer is a recipe for burnout."

Another commiserated with the original poster and wrote, "This is my 2nd summer in my new house, and I am [overwhelmed] with trying to save my lawn & garden from invasive plants and lawn weeds."

A third user responded with a cute pun: "In no time your yard will bee a paradise for pollinators."

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